legacy bags

  1. do legacy bags tend to get scratches more than the other leather bags? i am thinking of getting leigh in black but since i have small kids i fear it will be difficult to maintain it?
  2. I just got a black leather Legacy Ali bag from eBay and there is hardly any scratches on her! I think it depends on the color you get. The Whiskey seems like it tends to show scratches more than the other colors. I think black tends to hold up well.
  3. black is definately easiest to maintain, whiskey and brown scuff the most noticeably, natural not as noticeable, but all of these can be conditioned with moisturizer, also, because they're vintage leather, the signs of use add character, and soften the leather. I have all 6, the more I use them they better they feel, I am not us uptight about the "life" they are acquiring.

    I know we all want our bags to look their best for the longest time possible, these bags (with the exception of unnecessary gooo, food, ink, lipstick, stains, nail polish, etc., ) are very liberating as an everyday bag.

    If you must have that "pristine" bag, get one for, evening out, lunch, business, etc., and get a hearty, heavy duty, everyday bag.:yes:
  4. Can the Coach Leather Moisturizer be used on Legacy bags? My SA told me not to use it on my Ali!
  5. Speaking of Legacy bags and scratches.....has anyone ever had their turnkey(s) scratched up? (I have the '06 Legacy shoulder bag in whiskey) I just did and the turnkey part looks like the "brass" color is scratched off somewhat to expose something "white" underneath OR I scratched something white onto the "brass" turnkey part - I'm not really sure which - I can't seem to tell. Has anyone encountered this? Is this normal? And how do you refinish or repair this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  6. My SA strongly advices NOT to use any moisturizer on legacy leather. If you must of course, apply to a hidden spot. She said that the natural oils on your hands should be sufficient to rub the scratches away. I haven't been that successful in getting rid of deep scratches. Another SA suggested using a light olive oil. sounds really strange but I may try this on an obscure spot on my legacy...
  7. Go to the Coach leather "care" tip page on the website. Olive oil, oils and waxes do not breath and not good for leathers, I cannot speak for Coach moisturizer, I've not used it, Apple moisturizer is like a light lotion, and while the oils from your fingers work, I like the overall moisturizing from the Apple Leather Care. What I would really like to know is what is going to happen to all my $500 bags now that I've moisturized them for months!!!????!!!! :nuts: will they rot, fall apart, grow warts what??????

    Specially formulated to condition and restore natural leather products (not for use on fabric, suede and water buffalo calfskin).

    Price: $10 Style No: 1394

  8. The most legacy brass is antiqued so I'm not so worried about them. The high polished brass shows scratchs, brass can be polished, except that it's so close to the leather it would have to be carefully covered before applying the brass polish. Also you need to FIND OUT IF COACH'S BRASS HAS A LAQUER FINISH BEFORE APPLYING ANY POLISH.
  9. Thanks, Entheos, for your advice! I will check before attempting to do any cleaning. Thanks again!