Legacy bags . . . vintage look

  1. Curious . . . . is there any way to speed up the aging process of the legacy bags? What do you all do? Mine are too stiff and I am trying to get my whiskey to deepen. Any suggestions?
  2. do you know what we do to get the stiffness out of the bags to give it that "slouchy" look when doing visuals?

    we pound and mush them. that's right.

    it's a great stress reliever too..kinda like a punching bag.

    youn punch it down in the middle (on top of the bag) then you take your two hands, putting one on each side of the bag and further create the slouchness by pushing each side down at an angle to deepen the V you created when punching the top.

    as for the color to deepen, i would rub my hands over it whenever i get a chance like i do with the vachetta and let it get as much light, artifical or sunlight, as possible. the artifical does work because i noticed bags under the bright spot light deepen in color more then the ones that aren't
  3. ^^ I would be soooo scared to do that! LOL What if I messed it up?????
  4. Shhhh, We have to call it "hugging!!" haha. Did you read the instructions in the new visual book for the Ergo bags? "Karate Chop!!!"
  5. lol yes. that cracked me up, i think i was the only person that read it, but that's because i'm the 'visual' person. i do do the karate chop but to get it looking like the book it's just plain manipulation.

    and uoflkim, no worries, the bags are suppose to look like that and unless you're superman, anything you do to the bag as i've described, the bag should be able to withstand it, otherwise it's quality is not up to par as we usually boast about
  6. Haha, that was cute.
  7. As much as I like the slouchy look I won't be pounding my bags anytime soon. I will wait for it to happen naturally which might take like forever.
  8. I haven't started pounding the bag yet. But I sure as heck rubbed my hands all over it and it worked!!! A little. So I suppose it I do it alot . . .
  9. Who doesn't want an excuse to "love" their bags up!