legacy bag broken in less then a week!

  1. title pretty much explains it.

    got myself the ali bag instead of the courtier or satchel because size wise it made sense. and it's cute!

    imagine my surprise when i go to class this morning and i sit down to try and get something from my bag when i find that the turnlock closure was broken! literally, the part that turns came off and was no where to be found (i think it was gone before i even sat down in class)

    of course i got a new bag and that was damaged out. but my store sold out of it so now i have to wait for a new one to arrive :crybaby:
  2. ouch! I just got my chameleon organizer inserts today and am just about ready to place my Mandy in service.
  3. my mandy in service?

    i'm assuming that's the mandy courtier right? :drool:
  4. awww :sad: horrible! at least you're getting a new one, even if you have to wait ...
  5. aw, i'm sorry. that sucks!

    what's up with bags breaking lately...? my friends new bag just broke, too...
  6. Omg, that sucks!! But hey, at least you're getting a new one!
  7. Yikes! It just fell off? Glad you got another bag in its place and I hope this won't get broken or anything.
  8. Wow, that really sucks. Good thing though, you are getting a new one. Hopefully this one last more.
  9. i know! i really didn't want to part with it. i swear, i kept it super clean by putting it in the dustbag before setting it down anywhere!

    my manager looked at me and the white bag and said, "you're not doing that again?!" because that's what i did to keep my polka dot bag super clean.

    and i really didn't want to scare anyone but there may be a defect with the first batch of turnlock legacy bags...so if this happens to anyone else i just wanted to give a heads up - go back and get yourself a new one, the latter batch should be fine as they fixed this problem.
  10. disappointing to hear they have some defect bags... hopefully it's just a glitch and not preview of things to come?
    at least they stand by their product and will replace them, i guess...
  11. I'm sorry to hear that atleast your getting a brand new one!
  12. Sorry that happened to you! But atleast you get a new one
  13. I did a search to see if anyone else has experienced "turnlock trauma" So I guess maybe it's not me after all.

    One of the turnlocks on my Whiskey Shoulder bag came off in my fingers last night. It took a little longer than a week but not much if I think about it in terms of actual use. I bought the bag in Nov from Coach.com along with the Pebled Shoulder tote. The Tote was my B'day gift and the Legacy was my Christmas gift (to me) I had it gift boxed and didn't even look at it until Christmas!

    I think I've used it about 8 times at the most - funny thing was yesterday was the second day in a row I carried it - something I do so rarely that someone at work even noticed!

    Does anyone know if it is something they can repair? I keep reading here the whiskey shoulders are hard to find. I think I did see one last week in the Copley store....but I like MY BAG. :sad:
  14. Send it in to Coach with $20 for shipping.
  15. I'm so sorry for everyone that has had this problem with their turnlocks. I'm very worried about mine and I rarely even use those pockets out of fear one will break!