Legacy Bag Abuse!

  1. I went to church today and in the pew in front of me there was a young girl 15 or 16 that had the white legacy shoulder bag, I was carrying mine in pond. Not only did she put it on the floor, it had all sorts of black marks on the bottom. It was horrible! I felt like I needed to snatch it from her and tell her that she didn't deserve it! LOL. I felt so sorry for that bag. Seriously why would you spend that much for the bag if you are just going to throw it around like that. Why not a cheap bag from target? My brother leaned over and said that in five months she's gonna tell mom her bag ripped and the response will be "see I told you coach wasn't good quality". Well what did you expect? It's not iron!
  2. I actually saw a woman put a Coach tote bag down on a SINK in Costco's ladies room and another put a Coach satchel on the floor in the Target ladies room!!!! These bags also had ALOT of stains on them....go figure! These people dont deserve these gorgeous bags!!!! Mine stays put on my shoulder wherever I go!!!
  3. Could be that it was given to her and the value just wasnt as important as if she were to raise the money herself and pay for it. Poor Legacy!
  4. OMG that's aweful! mine never hits the floor or any other dirty area! If these people want to throw them around at least buy black glove tanned or pebbled leather so it doesn't show as much. It was obviosly given to her since she had a little sister that had a perfume print pouch.
  5. Mine NEVER hits the floor either!!! Just in my house on my clean carpeted living room!!! What REALLY gets me is when we go to BBQ's and women put their Coach bags down on the FILTHY BARE GROUND!!!! I get an extra chair for mine to sit on! But, they probably think I am wierd too!!! LOL :p
  6. Resturants are bad too. I see bags on the filthy floor all the time. I keep it hanging from my knee.
  7. It isn't even to protect the bag as much as it is to protect ME that I don't put my bags on the floor or on nasty sinks or in carts. Those places are filthy and harbor nasty germs (and I'm not a germophobe in general!). I wouldn't want to have a bag in a place like that and then hold it close to my body. Eww!

    Someone should teach that girl basic hygeine as well as how to value her posessions!
  8. Now THAT'S a GREAT idea! I usually leave mine HOME, safe and sound and put cash and a credit card into a skinny mini and attach it to my keys when we go to a restaurant!!!! But, I LOVE the hanging it off your knee idea!!!! :tup:
  9. ^^ LOL a news station resently did a study about the germs on the bottom of womens purses. My dad said something along the lines of " well yeah the bathroom floor is so dirty". My mom and I just looked at him and we said that we never put our bags on the ground in there. I don't even like my shoes hitting the ground. The only saving grace is that it is not my bare feet.
  10. EWWW GROSS...can you imagine??? BARE feet??? LOLOL....there was an email floating around about things on the bottom of a woman's purse! If I can find it again, I'll post it! It is horrible what microscopic things you dont know about will attach to your purse!!! YUCK!!!
  11. that's awful what the girl did! i completely baby my purses! when i go out to eat, my purse gets it's own chair to sit on next to me. i never EVER put it on the dirty floor! gross!
  12. I don't think it's right to say that these people don't deserve these bags. They paid good money for them, so they can do with them whatever they please. You all may not agree with how they use it, but it is their business.

    I put my bags on the floor sometimes too. Not often, and only if there isn't someplace else to put it (with the exception of bathrooms and few other places, I just won't put it down at all). I look to make sure there isn't anything that will damage or stain the bag before I set it carefully down, but I still do it when I need to. Does that mean I don't deserve the bags I have? I love them just as much as everyone else.

    Yes we spend a lot of money on them, and yes we feel like they're our babies, but in the end they are just purses. If we can't actually live our lives without worrying constantly about them, then they aren't much fun to have, at least in my opinion.
  13. Well, I think the "don't deserve it" comment is really tongue-in-cheek, but sometimes.......for instance, my SIL has a teal Betsey Johnson that's kinda cool looking. At least it was, until she started throwing it around. For her birthday, I gave her the skull charm, which she promptly put her keys on and jammed in the front pocket of her purse. Now, I know it was given to her as a gift, and she can do what she pleases with it, but do I think she deserves it? No. I wouldn't have given it to her if I knew how she was going to treat it. Particularly when I know that a lot of the lovely ladies on this forum would love to have that charm and would take care of it.
  14. I totally agree! :tup:
  15. If she starts buying her own purses, hopefully she'll establish better habits. I won't be too judgemental because I am completely over the top with my bags. They don't even sit on the floor in my own house!