Legacy and Outlets

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  1. So I am wondering.. does anyone know if the ali or the legacy shoulder bags have made it to the outlets or will soon? I know the alis haven't yet... but do we know about when, if they are not going to be in the new line? And the legacy shoulder bag, you aren't able to order that online anymore.. is it completely sold out, or has it gone to outlets.. anyone know?? TIA!! :tup:
  2. so far legacy stuff is hit or miss at the outlets. one with a tiny flaw, a boutique item returning to the outlet, etc.

    this is with the exception of the 06 legacy stuff (suede mandy, etc).

    I think it sells so well, that's why no outlets yet.
    If you want one for a good deal, keep an eye on eBay, several girls, incluing me, have found good deals on shoulder bags there (I got mine for $199!)
  3. I saw a Legacy top pouch in white at the outlet yesterday.
    It was 20% off $148, down from the retail of $168.

    It was white, though.

  4. They have.
    Mine wasn't a boutique return. They only had one though.
  5. I did see a black legacy wristlet one time and the big white legacy pocket satchel from 06. I saw white hippies, but no black or whiskey

    I've unfortunately never seen a shoulder bag or ali (other than suede) or a mandy like handbaglvr (still jealous of you for that btw) :yes:
  6. Occasionally I will see a few. And last month I saw several leather hippies at the outlet.
  7. I scored my Khaki/Ebony Legacy Shoulder bag (the one with the two front pockets) at an outlet back in February I think...I believe it was either a return or a floor model (was missing the hangtag). Got a great deal on it too.

    I think they are just hit or miss...but now that they are gone from online...who knows?
  8. We have a great outlet and I rarely see any legacy stuff there. They had a few rose shoulder bags and some of the canvas slim flaps plus some suede Mandys (hard to sell suede in Texas!)...

    If you're looking for an Ali, keep checking out eBay or consider getting one now for PCE. I don't know how long they're going to keep it with the new legacy stuff coming out...
  9. I have seen the rose flap bags and the white hippies at my closest outlet, also an ali that was a return.. I was just wondering because I just bought 2 ali's and hate to spend that money if they are going to be at the outlet real soon and also I never got in on the legacy shoulder bag and wish I did, but I wondered if they made it to the outlet or if they are just wiped out.. anyone know?? TIA!!
  10. Don't count on seeing much Legacy at outlets. They generally don't go to outlets unless it's a return or a floor model, as Court said. Coach is opening Legacy boutiques especially for them; they're also made in limited quantity, so they won't ever be deleted from stores and sent to outlets. The Legacy Shoulder bag is wiped out, you can't get it from Coach anymore; they also had to make more of the Ali due to popularity and I'm pretty confident you'll never see it there either unless it's a return. I've talked to my manager a lot about this :yes:

  11. Great, thanks!!! That makes me feel better about the ali, worse about the shoulder bag!! :p I'll take it though!!! :tup:
  12. I like it this way. I would love to find one cheaper, but I like that my legacy stuff may be a bit rare in a year or two.
  13. Ditto, because I hate when stuff I buy ends up at the outlets.
  14. That's why I never buy a lot of deletes. I've bought 3 deletes total since I started working at Coach. LOL.
  15. I saw a black sig flap at the outlet today. It was full price with 20%.