Legacy Ali....

  1. Do You Have A New Appreciation For The Ali Since Seeing It In The Celeb. Post? I Am Really Liking That Bag.
  2. Its a great bag. I admired it when I was trying on my shoulder tote. Nice and roomy.
  3. My appreciation began when I first saw it in the preview cataloge. I was obsessed. I had to have it. When I say this next sentence, I say it with all sincerity. I would VISIT the Ali bag at the boutiques until I could finally afford it. Such a beautiful bag.
    I looked through SEVERAL pages on the celeb pages, but not all. Who all has the Ali, that now has you interested?
  4. I liked it when I saw it on MY shoulder! I have both black and white. I enjoy using them. It does seem big at first. It's slightly slouchy, and a good size for my needs. The shoulder strap is a nice length, if you think in terms of a medium tote, ALI is about that size. I like lifting the flap and seeing all that legacy striping! It's the most unique looking of the legacy pieces. And, I think it's the best line in years!
  5. now i have to go look at the celeb post. i've seen a few pix of the ali that's made me kinda want one... eep.
  6. THIS IS IT.
  7. Well, this picture turned me, too. I just got the presale call and I ordered this one in white - I've been using the black all winter. Can't wait to get it!
  8. The Ali looks fantastic on Hayden. Now I totally want one, but I think it will look just too big on me. But, WOW, it's just TDF on Hayden!! :drool:
  9. I have the Ali in black and I just love it! And I just love to lift the flap to expose the legacy stripe.:yahoo:
  10. ooooooh i want it....but i don't know if i can afford it...how do you ladies do it with all these bags?
  11. i love mine in whiskey! loved it when i saw it at the store the first time.
  12. Hayden is 5'1'' so its not too big! I'm thinking it can fit a laptop in it! It s 14x10x5 inches
  13. I own the Ali in White and whiskey. I love them both.
    It is my second All time favorite Coach Bag after the Ergo Hobo NO. 9228.:jammin:
  14. Yes, I want one, too. But the stores only have it in natural and pond now, right? I'm so impatient...hate to order things.
  15. I'd take it in whiskey