Legacy Ali question (yes, another one)

  1. I'm interested in the Legacy Ali Shoulder flap in whiskey. What's the difference between the one that's $498 (#10329) which is no longer available online and the one they currently have on the Coach site that's more expensive ($598)?

    Is one heavier than the other? Anyone have a preference between the two? I'm leaning more towards the cheaper one, but I haven't seen it IRL. Any help is most appreciated.

    Happy holidays!
  2. The Ali has a flap the goes down midway to the center of the bag and a pocket which sits right unter the flap. The Legacy Shoulder Flap has a flap that goes all the way down the front of the bag and is similar the the Stewardess bag which Coach made many years ago. Some people found this flap annoying because it is so long that when
    you open it it can become cumbersome to some. This years shoulder flap has a pocket under the flap as well but it is a thin pocket and when you fill it up it can make the bag
    look uneven/bulky. The Shoulder flaps strap is also one inch longer than the Ali. I have had both and prefer the Ali.
  3. I like the looks of the Ali better than the new Shoulder Flap.
  4. 2006 Legacy Ali (10329) all the way---for ease of access & beauty!
    And Ali in whiskey is an excellent choice!!!:tup: