Legacy ALI in BROWN

  1. I know you would have liked to see it modeled, my objective was to try and give a good representation of the color. It's packed up, not sure I'll keep it, it's a little too retro- bohemian for me in this dark brown. Maybe I just love the black and white toooooo much!?!
    alibrown1.jpg alibrown6.jpg
  2. hmmm. i'm not loving the brown. it's very...plain? i guess? i think the white or black is a much better choice.
  3. I love it ! thanks for the pics.
  4. Entheos, I think that bag looks gorgeous. I love how the leather has this luxurious sheen from the rich brown color. I would definitely keep it!
  5. i'm confused...is this called 'brown' or is that the whiskey?
  6. Looks like Whiskey to me. Wow and all I've heard is raves about the Whiskey Ali, it's interesting to see a negative for it! I should be getting my white Ali at the end of the week, I hope I love it!

  7. I am confused as well? What color is it? I thought only the satchel came in 'brown' and all of the other legacy bags only came in 'whiskey' or 'natural.'
  8. It's not whiskey - it is BROWN. You can see they also offer the satchel in brown. You can order the Ali in this color, but it's not on the site yet.

    It's rather blah in brown if you ask me. :sad: It just doesn't stand out.
  9. Good to know! Thanks! I actually kinda like it. But is it not as rich as the Mahogany brown that was big last year?
  10. entheos:

    Enjoy carrying your bag. I am not fond of the color for myself. I prefer the Ali in the whiskey color which I own and the white. But if you love it go for it
    and enjoy it!!!!! Congrats to you!!!!:smile:
  11. This is how Legacy's look out of the box, kind of vintagy?
  12. Yes. Every piece looks different of course because of the vintage leather, but they do have a worn sort of look. At least the brown shades do in my opinion.
  13. Very nice, I have an Ali in whiskey and love it...brown looks pretty close to whiskey now that I see it in pictures!
  14. And just to add - that wasn't meant as rude as it probably sounds. Just that I agree that I am not sure of the color either. But then again, I didn't like Ali at all and then recently found myself just having to have a white one. It may grow on you after awhile. :smile:
  15. I really like it too! I think it's beautiful!