Legacy Agenda

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  1. #2 Jul 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2009
    Since it a silk cover and a agenda, you might be using them frequently.. I dont recommend buying it since it can get dirty, hard to clean, and fraying problem.. I think it's over price when there 6x8 on Bonanzle for 250..

    Also even at the outlet you can get a black leather turnlock 4x 7 agenda for 50 or less...
  2. ^^ Agreed! Get a leather one! The new Tribeca planner is TDF in that berry patent! I just got a planner too and now I want that one! Haha! I just got the Heritage Stripe planner from the outlets for only 40 bucks! They may still be at the outlets too. The cover is coated canvas so it's super easy to keep clean and it's durable at the same time. I've also been seeing the Penelope planners at the outlets too. These are also made of that coated canvas type material. I've been hunting down the brown/khaki combination, but so far no luck.
  3. Thanks ladies!! That wasn't the exact one that I was looking at, I was just using it as an example. I have been hunting for a planner/agenda at the outlet but have had no luck :tdown:
  4. I think i saw the same planner that's available for bidding on the bay and it's at $41.00 now :shrugs: Definitely not my auction cause I don't know how to sell online :lol:

    Although I think this Legacy silk planner is pretty and I do love it and was thinking about purchasing the same one from Bonanzle, I think you should buy something made of leather like suggested by others. That way your planner can last longer and it also saves you a lot of cleaning time. However, if you choose to buy this, don't forget to show us some photos :hugs: