Legacy '07 Hippie Flap

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  1. I'm wondering if I've been had...I got an e-bayed '07 Legacy Hippie Flap (whiskey). Everything looks okay--lining, creed (with outlet bullseye), etc., but when I got it I noticed that it doesn't have the dogleash closure on the strap as is shown in the drilldown (Legacy 11132). However, the Signature model of the hippie flap is shown without the dogleash closure (Legacy 11145). Can anyone who owns a leather hippie flap confirm for me what type of strap it should have? Thanks~!
  2. I bought this same hippie bag in whiskey on Monday at my outlet. Mine doesn't have the dogleash closure either.
  3. I saw these at the outlet, I thought it was the one from the japanese website.
  4. Oh, you made me feel much better! I checked everything, and that was the only thing that seemed off. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before. It is a lovely bag.
  5. I just bought mine at the Napa outlet & no dogleash...It's a great bag, though! What color did you get?