Legacy '06 or Legacy '07: Which is Better and Why?

  1. PLEASE don't throw anything at me, but....

    *whispers*--I really like last year's legacy stuff better.

    I've been really looking forward to what's coming out this year but I've been fairly underwhelmed with what I've seen so far. I prefer the bolder turnlocks and the Ali style over this year's flap version.

    So, this brings me to a couple of questions:

    1. Will Ali, Slim Tote and others be around for awhile or will they get replaced with these new styles, and

    2. Which do you like better?

    I know we haven't seen all of them yet, but I'm very happy I went ahead and got my black ali and my slim tote b/c I don't know if they'll be available in the future.

    Personally, my wallet is very happy that I prefer last year's legacy. This year's legacy is pretty, but it just doesn't appeal to me on the same "Man, that's gorgeous and I have to have it!" level that these other bags did...

    What about you? Is it:tup: or :tdown:?
  2. ITA Last year = way better
  3. From what I have seen so far, I definitely like the Legacy from last year better. I may change my mind when my Shoulder Bag gets here, though. ;)
  4. Last year. I could kick myself for not getting anything too. :sad:
  5. I definitely like last year's better!! And if you search for sprinkles' thread about the new fall stuff, I believe she said that the Ali, shoulder bag, etc. is being updated/replaced by this new stuff.
  6. In my opinion the Legacy from last year is better in design and construction. I don't know why they couldn't make a newer version of the Mandy in colors like green and brown. Last years shoulder bag is wider and bigger - for this year they scaled down the size and raised the price. The new design is not even appealing to me. The ali from last year had a shorter strap than the new Shoulder Strap No. 11134. The Ali had a strap
    length of 16 1/2 " - while the new shoulder flap has a strap length of 17 1/2" - this is one improvement they made in overall construction. They jacked up the prices but did not improve the designs. Let's all remember though that last year was the 65th Anniversary Collection so they really tried to pull out all the stops with that collection and they did.
  7. Here's my plea to all the ladies who prefer last year's stuff....consider getting what you want now during PCE if you REALLY love something. I did that with my black Ali (also have a whiskey one) and am so glad I did it. I'm also going to hang on to my natural slim tote.

    I'm kinda happy since I don't feel compelled to buy anything but kinda sad, too, since I love this line so much. Oh well, just another reason to enjoy what I have!:yes:
  8. Very good observations on the bags, Liz. ITA about the raising the prices but not improving the designs/constructions.

    Why couldn't they introduce Ali/Mandy/Shoulder bags in a few new colors? Plum, Crimson, Bottle Green, etc? I bet they'd fly off the shelves!

    I also think they should look at having a permanent collection that people can count on being available for awhile.
  9. ^^^I agree that having a permanent collection would be a very good idea. They have the classic bags, but they need to add perhaps a couple of last year's legacy styles to the "classic" list.

    I can't really judge yet weather i like this year's legacy collection as much as last years. What i'm really unhappy about is the huge increase in price. i mean, adding $50 to a bag that used to be $398 is a HUGE increase to have overnight. Plus, as you ladies mentioned, the new shoulder bag more closely resembles last year's shoulder zip than it does the shoulder bag!!

    I'm still trying to hold my judgment until everything comes out and I can see all of the colours and shapes in real life for myself.
  10. I absolutely agree. I like the old legacy a lot more than the new. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the new bags are hideous, I just prefer the simpler lines of the old collection. That being said, I should mention that I am :drool: over the slate embossed suede in the catalog but wow....$598 for a bag that is smaller than my Ali which I paid less for, don't think I can swing it. :sad: The new satchels don't look that different from the old to me. The Gigi....meh, too boxy looking. The shoulder flap looks ok but reminds me very much of my rambler's legacy. The Leigh is sort of cute, as is the Miranda, but not cute enough for me to want to buy them, lol. Are these even all considered legacy bags? I don't even know. I definitely prefer the bolder turnlocks, it gives the bags a contemporary look that I find lacking in these newer designs.

    I'm so glad I got the Ali last year!
  11. So far I like the old styles much better. Since I now have until June 30 I may go back and get the Ali or Mandy in black.
  12. I prefer last year's styles too. But I'm glad because it's easier for me to say no to ordering anything. I do hate that prices went up but sizes were scaled down. I'm glad I got hooked on Coach the year of their 65th anniversary, if that's the reason for the great bags they had last year!
  13. Definately last years... Had they reissued the Mandy in other colors (like Pond) I'd have be all over them. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet) I don't think I'll be buying any new bags this time around.
  14. Definitely last year's stuff. I just need to get a white Ali and I'll be all set.
  15. I like last year's. Love my Legacy Shoulder bag. Not impressed with this year's. Which is good for my wallet.