Leg Waxing

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  1. I'm going to the spa for my bday next week and I thought I would try out leg waxing. Does anyone get this done and is it painful?

    I don't like pain. :cry:
  2. i don't get my legs waxed (you have to let it grow out too long before you can get it waxed again and i hate leg hair) but i get brazilians once a month or so.

    it's uncomfortrable but not unbearable. it makes my eyes water once in a while and it's hard to hold a conversation with my waxer sometimes because in the middle of a sentance i'll have to gasp or squeak or something. i'd say it's the same type of pain as getting your ears pierced but it lasts a longer. i think legs would probably hurt less.

    i don't like pain either but i keep going back anyway so it must not be that bad. :smile:
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