Leg Waxing

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  1. Do any of you regularly use leg waxing, professionally or DIY? I've had it done professionally as well having tried it myself, and the results were disappointing - it left the hairs snapped off at the base for the most part, with only a few actually pulled out. So as a result, my legs had red blotches as well as feeling and looking like they had two day's growth after shaving (not to mention I was left with a few smears of wax that were stuck like glue to my skin). I'm not fussed about the pain involved.

    Does anyone else get a different result with waxing? I assume it must work for some people, or else nobody would do it.
  2. My sis used to wax her legs and it took forever. I am not sure what she used but I do remember her sitting on a chaise lounge and doing one strip at a time and it seemed to go on and on. I think she took a break between strips due to the pain. She always did a good job. I know you are supposed to hold your skin smooth and pull the wax with the other hand quick, so I think doing it yourself mayb be hard. I would think it might be easier to just pay to have it done. Now all my friends that wax their face never have problems.....so maybe doing a small area is easier.
  3. i just shave... i do wax my arm pits & eyebrows & down there though but i get it done professionally.
  4. ^^ Yeah just DIY shave. Contrary to popular myths, shaving does NOT make your hair thicker etc. I've done it for years.

    I started with waxing a loooong time ago. I couldn't stand the pain and the unsightly redness since I liked to wear shorts and miniskirts at that time.
  5. I shave. I get a style of changeable heads razor sold for men (in the bathroom, no-one know WHO the hairs belong to!) and they have three blades. First I soak in a hot bath, then I coat the areas with hair conditioner. (Yep! You read that right!) NO razor burn, my legs and armpits are silkyyyyy smoothhhhh. "Down there" is left to it's own devices since bikinis are banned in my house.
  6. I've never had my legs waxed professionally but I've done it myself using NAD's gel. It worked well but it was too time consuming to do on a regular basis. I don't really show my legs much so it's not necessary for me. The only time I would wax again would be right before vacation to cut down on shaving time.
  7. [​IMG]

    I always use Veet Comfort Waxing Kit when I wax. It runs around $7-10 USD per box and typically lasts me two sessions. The results don't really last 4weeks for me like they advertise (more like 2 weeks), but it is the most convenient and minimal pain/fuss/mess waxing kit I have come across.

    The box comes with 12 stips of wax (no messy jar and drippy wooden sticks), a bottle of comfort spray (you spray this on before you wax to sort of numb your legs to make them less sensitive to any pain you may encounter), and a towelette wipe for removing any excess wax from your legs after your are all done.
  8. I shave...my friend is an aesthetician (sp?) and she waxed my legs once and im not into it...it hurts like I cant even explain, haha
  9. Ah, thanks for the responses! I don't really mind about the pain, it's just waxing has always been really ineffective for me. I haven't tried the strips Doubleespresso mentioned though, I think I might! I guess there's no magic solution for unsightly hair, ha!
  10. I wax my own......everything. Been doing it for years. I don't have much leg hair. I only wax up to my knees. It's easier to put wax on a large area (for legs), grab a few strips and whip it off. And, if you're going to do it, you have to have good stuff. That microwave or cold wax crap will not cut it.
  11. I also shave, but I do get "down there" waxed. The best way to get the best results is to either go after having a shower where your pores are open and the hair is more likely to stand or after working out (i vote for the shower) I have done that, and the hair was not only easy to come off, but the ingrowns were slim to none.

    just a food for thought
  12. I get my whole body waxed professionally (legs, bikini, underarms, eyebrows). I find I have to have my underarms done every two weeks and my legs every four. I do not ever have any redness.