Leg waxing!!!

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  1. Do you wax or shave your legs?

    I waxed my legs and my Bikinizone(is this even an english word?Hope you guys know what i mean!)once with a frienf of mine! It hurt very much buy the result was great! I didn't have to shave for 4 weeks:nuts: !
    Since then i tried it a couple of times but i can't do it alone:cry:
    Am I too stupid?:lol:

    Ladies, i need some advice here! Can you actually do that wrong?:weird: :huh:
  2. I wax my legs all the time. It doesn't hurt anymore but I want to go bold and try a brazilian but I'm afraid that will really hurt. My best friend keeps saying she'll go get it too but I keep chickening out and cancelling my appt.

    I tried the do it yourself kits, too, and I totally suck at them and end up hurting myself.
  3. hmmm, my friend and i once did the brazilian wax for each other. IMO, it didn't hurt much. However, the bare feeling afterward was kinda weird. I haven't tried it again since.

    Regarding leg, i usually use the "Nair" lotion. I put it on for 4-5 mins, then wipe them off. I find that easier than waxing. With waxing, either you have to go to the salon or buy a wax kit. Either way can cost more than the "Nair" hair remove lotion.
  4. I don't like waxing because I can't stand the time where it has to grow back in...DH would have a heart attack.
    But I have a friend who waxes her arm pits...OUCH!!!
  5. I don't like to wax, either. You have to let the hair get to long before you wax. I couldnt stand looking at myself that way. Too ouchie, anyway.
  6. The spa that I went to the very first time I got my brazilian wax she told me the first time is the worst but if you keep going afterwards the pain gets less and less. For me its true...now I've changed salons but the girl that does it now is great. She's very good at getting all the hair and ladies I have to say the boyfriend loves it. I go every 5 weeks so the week after I get my period and the hair is just long enough. I've tried shaving but that only gave me ingrown hairs. Also what I've been told is its either u're gonna like it and keep going or not and just quit but I must remind u if u quit and start over it'll be like the first time. She also recommended if the hair is too long at the first appt. just do a quick trim before hand.
  7. I wax. I get a bit scared and tense and sometimes the wax is too hot but I'd take that over shaving.
  8. I would'nt try the, "Do It Yourself Brazlilan Wax Kit" I would be afraid I would end up in the Emergency Ward at the local Hospital.
  9. I would rather shave every day!!!^^^ hee!hee!hee! That was too funny! could you imagine going to the ER????? LOL!
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  10. Eeep, yeah, a Brazillian is not something you should do yourself:P . The skin there is really delicate (you could rip it off:amazed: ), so it's best to leave it to a pro.(You also shouldn't put hair removal cream down there...chemical burns...)

    I know, I just went all random-bits-of-trivia on you guys:P.

    I wouldn't want to get my legs waxed because I'd be too embarassed for the waxer to see me with hair.:shame:
  11. I've pretty much done every type of hair removal from every conceivable place, including laser hair removal on my legs and bikini line, and electrolysis on my bikini line and eyebrows. I wish I could say I am hairless now, but I probably still need a few more laser sessions before I throw away my razor.

    Here's how I rate them:
    #1 waxing - leaves you smooth as silk, but high maintenance
    #2 laser hair removal - permanent, but takes many sessions
    #3 razor (Gillette Mach 3, thanks)
    #4 electrolysis - almost worthless, imho
    #5 chemical dipilatories (Nair, etc.) - stinks and stings

    The one thing I haven't tried is "threading" my eyebrows. I wish there was a larger Indian community nearby.

    Why oh why did I read this as "Birken zone"?
  12. I don't like to wax my legs either so I shave.
  13. threading is the single most excruciatingly painful method I've ever tried on my eyebrows. I truly wanted to strangle the woman doing it to me with the thread. never again.

    oh, and I prefer shaving.
  14. And I'd be in the room next to you crying and laughing all at once!!

    I have only waxed my eyebrows but would love to try to wax my legs and someday get a brazilian. I am terrified of the pain although I have a really really high pain tolerence. Go figure :Push:
  15. I love waxing