Leg Warmers

  1. Is anyone a fan of the baggy leg warmers style? lol I know some people think its silly, but there was a thread on Japanese fashion and the whole school girl uniform came to mind and how girls are starting to wear leg warmers again. Is there anywhere online I could find a nice baggy pair?
  2. I can send you some from OKI..heaven knows its all the rage here!!
  3. lol That is so sweet of you! I would really appreciate it, I would pay for shipping and everything.

    I've tried searching for example pictures online but no luck. I've always sucked at finding pictures of some I like anyway, lol. Do you think you could show me some?
  4. If there's a specific color or colors you're looking for..let me know..and I'll go the the Jusco and San-A this weekend and take pics of all the leg warmers I see:biggrin: My daughter likes to wear them on her arms..but she's a little different!!:love: :lol:
  5. Hollister was selling some 2 Winters ago.
  6. I was thinking some earth tone colors, white/vanilla, olive green, black, brown/tan, maybe some grey. . .? Do you ever seen any with ribbon "stitching" at the top? I think that is very cute. I'll pretty much take anything though. Thank you so much. Haha, aw your daughter is so cute. I remember that picture you posted of her, she's got her own style.
  7. Thanks Irissy! Theyre probably all gone by now. Would they have any on their website you think? I dont see any :sad:
  8. There are some really cute ones here in Paris with lacy/ribbon details but unfortunatly the colours run white or black with pink. I'll find the name and a pic if you want.
  9. Ooh! They sound perfect! Well, I'm usually not a fan of pink but if its not overwhelming I could make it work, lol. I would love to see pictures if you dont mind :shame: Thanks Perja, I've been trying to find a decent picture but cant :sad:
  10. Wow. Theyve put a lot of detail into these, the last pair in white is so pretty! I see the cuff you're talking about, its adorable and that sounds really cute that you put it on your wrist like that. The other white leg warmers with the pom-poms are nice and baggy looking like I want. I dont know about the pom-poms though, lol. I suppose I could just take them off, but I wouldnt want to ruin them.
  11. I think they're detachable. Do you want me to check out next time I'm at the store?
  12. Hey abandonedimages, you should check out Forever21 (do they have F21 in NC?)! Last christmas, I bought a pair of grey ones from there (for less than $8!) They also had black ones available. Good luck!
  13. That's funny actually, as I was just talking with (or more 'to'!) my BF about legwarmers and snoods, yesterday.

    Does anyone remember snoods? I was a child at the time, but I had an electric blue one.

    For those of you who don't know, a snood is like a slouchy legwarmer for your neck! You could call them neckwarmers! :biggrin: They were in fashion in the early to mid '80s.

    I'd love a snood and some legwarmers for Autumn/Winter - so if anyone knows where I could get them from, please let me know! :biggrin:
  14. Oh yeah I remember those !! I has 1 in Pink ! (of course little girl...)
    I suggest you knit 1 yourself, 1 tube shouldn´t be that difficult !:P