Lefty or Rightie?

  1. Hello can you gals help me out? Im doing a report for school about how right handed people outnumber lefties.
    Are you a left handed or right handed person or better yet ambidextrous?? I myself am ambidextrous, I eat and write with my left hand but I reach and touch things with my right. So can everyone please tell me what you are. Thanks:biggrin::smile:
    BTW- im new!
  2. Ambidextrous -
    Left hand - write, throw darts, eat
    Right hand - use scissors and knife
  3. Rightie!
  4. I am a Lefty- but I am mostly ambidextrous.
  5. Right!
  6. I am a lefty but able to use right hand.
    write, eat.
    Right: use scissors, throw ball
  7. righty!
  8. lefty
  9. I am righty!

    But with practice I have been able to write w/ my left hand as well. I believe that the reason I (and perhaps most others too) can't write as well with my left is simply that I've usually used my right, so it has muscles and training.

    My fun "party trick" is to write w/ both hands at the same time, with the right going forward and the left backwards -- mirror writing, lol:smile:
  10. I can write pretty well with both, but favor my right. Had an injury where I had to go left-handed for awhile, and I got very good at it...but still not quite as precise as using the right. PHH is a lefty, but plays his instrument right-handed (no bad jokes...he's a musician:P ). He does eat (and golf) with his left.
  11. I'm a rightie. My great grandmother was a leftie and told me horror stories of getting her hands slapped for writing with her left hand. I can't even imagine.
  12. My mother did this to me as a child as well. I appreciate it now, lefties don't have it easy; I am glad I am right-handed.
  13. All-Righty.
  14. My mother did this to me as well, the slapbeat the lefty out of me until I used my right hand. I really regret this, especially since she didn't do it to my also born a lefty brother.
  15. write with both