Lefties of the World, Unite!

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  1. I was reading the knitting thread where people were saying how some things were difficult to do one is left handed. How many of you are lefthanded, and what inconveniences do you suffer because of it?

    I found it very hard to write left to right and misspelt words because my writing hand would cover the page when I wrote (instead of my hand leading, which would have been the way if I were right handed)

    Asian etiquette demands that finger food be eaten with the right hand. I always kept picking at stuff with my left and earning glares from people.

    I was a klutz at a lot of things. Right handed people explained, but there were things I could not get at all and ended up doing awkwardly.
  2. I am left handed but I do a lot of things with my right hand.
  3. i am a righty and i'll unite. lol
  4. Well, welcome to the lefties' club!! Happy to have ya here!
  5. lol. perhaps i can pretend to be a lefty ;)
  6. When I was in grade school-late 50s-my teacher wanted to tie my left hand to the desk and force me to write with my right hand!!! sounds medieval-my parents said absolutely not-all through high school we had those chairs with the writing area? it was always on the right, so we few lefties had to swivel to write-there was only 1 left handed chair! I was taught how to write left handed without curving my hand all around, and have a permanent callous where to pen/pencil hits...don't know why I am going on and on, but it is true that only left handed people are in their right minds!!!
  7. I'm a lefty;) I honestly never had any problems because of it. I never really understood the "special" pads of paper in school for lefties & all that.

    About the only thing I do with my right hand is use the computer mouse.

    I think it's just awful that kids used to get their hand smacked for using the left hand.
    Actually, it makes me kinda :mad:
  8. I am left handed but I write with my right hand. I was not forced to do that. My teacher asked me to try if I could write with my right hand and it was okay for me. I also use my computer mouse mostly with my right hand.
  9. I'm a lefty when it comes to writing and holding utensils. I use my right hand when using scissors...also when I bowl/bat/shoot pool. People are always surprised or confused that I don't use my left hand for everything...:nuts:
  10. i'm not, but i had a friend who is a lefty... and he was forced to eat with his right hand growing up because of his culture (he was born here, but family was from India). he uses his left hand for everything else, except when eating... i guess he just got used to it!
  11. Don't you notice it's uncomfortable to use some kinds of scissors if you are left handed..there is this groove that cuts into your knuckle because it was angled to fit a right hander? Especially dressmaking shears or kitchen shears..
  12. I'm a lefty and the thing I hate the most is that ink smear on my hand every time I write with ink. Or that pencil gets smudged by my hand!!
  13. ^^Tell me about it! I hate that too :yucky:
  14. Ditto :yes:
  15. :yes: