Left work early - went shopping! (pics)

  1. Sunday - went to the Coach Store and picked up the Khaki Beet 4x7 Planner ($178).
    TODAY - Got my first Carly bag in Khaki/Beet. I love it! Then I went over to Loehmann's and got the Pink Coach Planner for $74.19 including tax! I know I just bought one on Sunday but I couldn't pass it up. I was inexpensive and Pink!!!:woohoo:
    Carly Bag.jpg Coach Agenda.jpg Coach Pink Agenda.jpg
  2. Very cute! I don't own a Carly but if I did, it would be that same one! I have a thing for agendas, so I would have bought both as well! Enjoy your purchases!
  3. Thanks! I'm excited to have my first Carly!
  4. Very cute planners and LOVE the Carly! Congrats!
  5. Love your khaki beet carly! Its my favorite color combo :smile: (except purple hehe)
  6. Love the Carly and planners...great buys!!!!
  7. Adorable!!!
  8. Thanks everyone.
    Oops, won a 06 Legacy Shoulder Bag in black on eBay last night! I have the same bag in Whiskey and love it too. I'll post pictures when it arrives! I've wanted the bag in black for the last year. I think I'm done shopping for awhile......well, maybe! ;)