Left the store without the bag

  1. Ladies, I am about to royally freak out. I was looking at this bag in Macy's so I asked the sales associate how much it was and she checked the price. Little did I know, she never took it off my bill and I ended up paying for a bag that I did not come home with. I am enraged. I am not fond of sales associates and I want tear down those doors and demand my credit back. Im dreading going to the store and pleading my case because of all the drama that is awaiting me. Any advice?
  2. Make sure you go back to the same Sa .Something similar happened to me once. I returned a bag and instead of crediting my account she charged me,of course she kept the bag.Then when my statement came I realized what happened,I had a heck of a time getting my money credited back to my account.I think it took 3 months:sad:
  3. If you go back to the same Sa she will remember you.It should easily be fixed.:yes:
  4. Until then, try not to worry. You could call the store and leave a message explaining what happened, giving the sale or SA number.
    Breathe deeply...it'll be OK.
  5. don't stress tonight. you can't do anything about it until tomorrow anyhow.

    it will all get straightend out.

    we are here with you girl!
  6. Is it a department store? If the SA is not helpful, I would imagine that if you bring it up to a manager they can always check the store's cameras. If they have video and match the time of your receipt to the video they SHOULD be able to see you not getting the bag.

    I am just curios about how you didn't realize that you were charged when you signed your receipt?
  7. seems like an honest oversight on the sa part, don't fret, it'll easily be sorted out !
    with regards to not noticing till after, i must say i'm often guilty of not checking the amount to be charged , maybe i will start making the effort!
  8. Moving to Handbags and Purses. . . .
  9. Have you payed with creadit card? Call to you bank and claim the mistake and request your money back. To prove your purchase the store must provide your signed receipt, wich they don't have, right?
    Sorry it happened to you.
  10. i'm worse...I've often paid for things and then am so busy arranging receipts and change into my wallet that I forget to take my purchases with me *gasp*

    Good luck with the drama Swanky mama... and stick it out to get your money back...
  11. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been out shopping again, hehehe. I went to the store ready to plead my case like an attorney and the lady just simply gave me a credit back. I was so happy!!!!!!!!! No drama. It was another SA though but I didn't care. I have my credit back!!! Yay!!! Thank you all!!! I got an exceptional deal on some Michael Kors boots though!!! I placed them on eBay but they aren't doing so well :sad: Any suggestions? I couldn't just leave them in the store, I wanted to give a deserving person a chance to have them.
  12. Yeah! Glad it resolved itself without any drama.