Left or Right?

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Left or Right

  1. Left

  2. Right

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  1. For something with a bit of oomph. I'd enjoy your opinions on which ring you prefer, and why. The single solitaire is technically worth more if that makes a difference.

    What do you think??? left or right.JPG
  2. Right! The other is too much for my taste.
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  3. The one right. The left is too flashy for me and almost looks like it could be mistaken for costume jewelry.
  4. True! I didn't think of that aspect. And I understand that it could be perceived as too much - but, that's kind of the appeal....

    It's difficult!
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  5. The one on the right.
  6. I would need to know more about your stature and style, when you plan to wear it, what you do for a living (if it is an all the time ring) and your personality. That ring on the left requires a big personality to off set the bling.

    I would ask your friends about what they think.
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  7. The one on the right. Simple, but classy. Very versatile. I personally don’t like the one on the left.
    Value has nothing to do with my choice, just to let you know!
  8. Right - a classic beauty!
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  9. So not many Liberace fans in the group.. This has really helped; simpler, classier, more understated, and more versatile... Not nearly as much attitude as the ostentatious left, and the right might lack the some of the attitude, but the pros of the right might make up for it. There are certain situations where the one on the left you couldn't (or shouldn't) wear.

    I didn't mention, but the pink stones are red sapphires.
  10. Def the right. The left is is too busy, you don't know where to look. IMO, the hyperactive setting actually detracts from the beauty of the individual stones. The right is more versatile, although it's not a true formal occasion ring. But it's an elegant piece for everyday, business and moderately formal wear (dinner at a restaurant with multiple Michelin stars, for example)
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  11. Good points, I might suggest neither for business, but formal occasion ring, what did you have in mind with that?
  12. Right one. I love the look!
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  13. I like the big bold cluster but I also like to be a little different than everyone else. That ring people won't forget. Someone can see just your ring and know its you.
  14. I am going against the grain here: I LOVE the one on the left! And in contrast, the right does absolutely nothing for me (might be because I dislike that bezel set kind of style). I think the left is a great cocktail/occasion ring but I can see myself rocking it to a casual lunch with jeans and a plain blouse as well! And if it helps, my mum still rocks cocktail rings like these, and she’s like 60. So if it fits your personal style I think it’s great and a standout piece!
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    Last edited: Feb 12, 2020
    Alright. I listened to the majority and went for the right. 2.01ct, K, I1, eye-clean. 7.96mm at a great price. You 'guys' are great, thanks!

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