Left leg more define/muscular then the Right leg?

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  1. Anyone else with this problem? I think I'm favoring my left leg and so its becoming more muscular & defined then my right. It might be longer then my right.

    Any suggestions on what I can do to balance them out? It's starting to look really goofy.:tdown:
  2. I too have noticed that when i am lifting that my left leg is stronger. You can do things like one legged leg press. Where you can sit on the machine and instead of using both legs where your left leg can take over, cross one leg over the over and do a press that way. You can also see if your gym has hammer strenght machines or something like that where there are duel weight stacks, one for each leg, and you can do leg extensions independetly.

    Also you can do lunges and one legged dead lifts that way you can get the other leg up to the same strenght. Hope that helps
  3. Thanks for the suggestions neodamonkey!:smile:
  4. lol my left leg sure is more muscular. i drive stick shift for years ! :biggrin:
  5. My right side is more muscular and defined than my left and it's especially noticeable in my upper arms. I think that neodamonkey had some excellent suggestions! :yes:
  6. I'm also going to try to work with a weight strap to the right leg on the treadmill. I hope to see some difference.
  7. Yup, my right leg was skinnier and more muscular than my left one when I did spinning. Something about using it more bc I'm right handed or such.. It's not very noticeable now that I stopped spinning and switched to elyptical (sp?).

  8. Be careful you dont want to mess with your gait you could really hurt somehthing and maybe even hurt your self but not know it till a few weeks down the road.

  9. Do single leg squats with a spot or single leg, leg presses. Works like a charm!
  10. Thanks neodamonkey! I'll watch for that. It was hard for the first 20 minutes but then I got use to it. I really focused on not changing my gait.