Left is right side to get out of bed

  1. I always get out of bed on the left side...which side do you get out on???


    Left is right side to get out of bed

    From correspondents in London | January 14, 2008

    GETTING out of bed on the left side is the right side.

    Sleep scientists, feng shui experts and psychologists put their heads together to analyse the best way to get up in the morning.

    Left is best, they decreed in a study done by hotel chain Premier Inn.

    Feng shui expert Jan Cisek said getting out of the bed on the left was associated with all that people hold dear - family and health, money and power.

    Psychology and motivation expert Pete Cohen said the left side helpde us all to think rationally about the day ahead.

    "The right side of the brain is responsible for emotions like fear and stress which only dilute your potential for having a positive experience," he said.
  2. Well crap! This explains why my life is such a wreck! :p
  3. Very interesting!! I haven't really paid much attention to what side I get out of bed from.
  4. hmm.. this is interesting! except back in college, i placed my bed so that i always got up on the left side of the bed, but i still did terrible in school/life! lol
  5. Oh...I get out of the right side. The left side has a wall in the way.
  6. I get out of the left side. There's a wall to my right.
  7. Well, I sleep on the right side of the bed if I'm lying on my back (with my hubby on my left). But I usually sleep and wake up on my stomach, and get out of bed with my left leg first.

    Am I getting out on the right or the left?:confused1:
  8. I guess the research is if you sleep alone?
    A lot of people aren't going to climb over their SO just to get out of bed on the left! LOL!
  9. I sleep on the right side of the bed, my husband sleeps on the left, so I always get out of bed on the right side.
  10. Weird, but I do get out on the left side.
  11. If I start getting out of bed on the left, will I win the lottery??? Would a Hermes be in the cards?? If so, I would def climb over DH!!
  12. I get out of bed on the right; DH gets out on the left. Guess I will have to climb over him!
  13. :lol: if that were the case I can see domestic disputes breaking out all over the world as women clamber for the left side of the bed.
  14. the right side of my bed is next to a wall...i've been getting up on the left side for years now....some days are good, some are bad.
  15. Alrighty. But not everyones house faces the same way. Would it be my left or your left?