Left-handed watch wearers

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  1. I wear my watch on my right hand growing up because it's just easier to write that way as a leftie. And then the age of computers came into being and suddenly I'm using the computer all the time at work (more than writing at least). The mouse is on my right so I started removing my watch when I'm at my desk. I tried wearing my watch on my left hand, but I still write, so what do I do. It's so fussy.

    I'm retraining myself on this, and wondering whether any other lefties have the same concerns as me?
  2. If you're lefty, why don't you use your mouse with left hand? Isn't it easier? Just curious.
  3. Usually it's because we have grown up doing it that way and it just sticks. Even though I'm a lefty I use the mouse on the right and golf clubs and bats with my right hand too.

    Op, I wear mine on my right hand too, is there anything you can place under your arm whilst using the computer?
  4. Most left handed people I know use the mouse on the left side.... Wear their watch on the right.
  5. I'm left handed and I wear my watch on the left. I am a MacBook user, and use the track pad with my left hand, but scissors etc with my right hand! :smile:
  6. Lefties united! I use my right hand for the computer and also wear my watch on my right and it doesn't bother me
  7. I'm right handed but have always worn my watch on my right wrist (my mother was a leftie and she wore her watch on her right wrist)

    Never had a problem using my mouse with my right hand. It just seems normal to me ;)

    Guess I'm not clear why you need to change anything..........do what seems comfortable to you
  8. Thanks everyone!
    If I do what I feel comfortable, think I should stop wearing watches on my wrists.
  9. I am a lefty I wear my watches on my left wrist.
  10. I'm a lefty, use my right hand for my mouse and wear my watch on my left wrist. When I write, I take off my watch.
  11. Most people I know that are lefty wear their watch on the right. Trust me if you have a nice watch no one cares what side you wear it on as long as it tells accurate time and is a fabulous piece of arm candy ;)
  12. i am lefty. i wear my watch on the right and uses mouse on the right too. i remove my watches. hehehe!
  13. im a lefty and i never, ever wear any jewelry (other than my ering) on my left hand. I just use it so much more than my right.

    i am considering buying a dbty bracelet, and wearing it on the left wrist. i think it'll be low-profile enough... we'll see!
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  15. I wear my watch only the left