Left Fendi smilin today..and heres why...


Oct 19, 2006
I got a new baby zucca spy from bluefly so I went to the Fendi store near me to look at the one in-store to compare. ALso I've been on the hunt for the Secret watchstraps and ended up with a new black strap (yay! finally!)
But the best part, my fiance and I were standing there talking with this fabulous SA for about 45 min about Rome and Florence, and we told her our "love story" and how we just got engaged...all of a sudden, she disappears and comes back with this lovely little box with 4 handpainted christmas tree oraments and gives it to us.
I thought it was such a sweet gesture and completely floored because it was so nice of her.
I'm thinking about sending a holiday card as a thank you and a starbucks GC.. what do you guys think?

Happy Holidays!!


mood: PRADA!
Jun 13, 2007
oh lol! heehee I felt like a grannie asking the yougins what something was. Well post pics when you can! Also hope you did well on the finals and goodluck if you have any more! I finished mine on the 14th phew!


Oct 2, 2007
wow what a sweet thing to do!! I was in cartier in sydney this valentine's day and was talking to the SA for about 30 min about the collections etc and when i went to leave she went out the back and gave me a red rose with cartier ribbon around it, was such a nice thing to do and now makes me really want to get something from there as they were so nice!!!
Dec 4, 2006
That would be so sweet to send her a card and GC! I sent a card and small gift to one of my makeup SA too, because she is always so patient with me for starters. But also, whenever she can, she is going in back and giving me tons of extras.

So do the ornaments say Fendi on them? How cute!