Left Coach Empty Handed

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  1. I went to Coach expecting to be in love with the new soho line but I wasn't!!! When I saw kimmie's new bag it looked sooooo cool!! When I saw it IRL it just didn't fit me. The soho's just looked so plain! My DH was even surprised that we made it out of there empty handed:P. Oh well you can't always love everything! So now I just wait and see if anything else catches my eye:yes:. I don't mean to offend anybody that loves the new soho line...
  2. No problem. Out of the Soho collection, I only liked the Tara Hat (although my Legacy stripe Tara hat is my most favorite). The Kiki bags look nice but that might change when I see it in-stores. The Leather Satchel looks nice, but I still have love for the original Lily Satchel. That one is just sexy, imo.

    Overall, I don't like the Soho collection either, although I do love the pattern. But that's about it.
  3. You did the smart thing-only buy what you love!

  4. I totally agree with you. It doesn't do it for me either! You're definitely right about the pics vs real life. Oh well, at least your wallet will thank you, right?? ;)
  5. Hmmm, I'm stopping by today to check out the new stuff, hopefully I'm not impressed either, if you know what I mean :P Especially by those Hamptons Weekend Totes...
  6. Sorry to here to you didn't see anything that you like. I agree that you should wait and see if anything catches your eye to buy something. Usually I have a list with me with what I have in mind to buy but I won't necessarily buy it. I have to love my purchase to buy it.
  7. i also was unimpressed with things.....in fact lately it seems like even the quality of the bags is off.......just not as well made as previously.......to me even the new signature stripe bags appear and feel cheap.....sorry...the material seems thinner than the ones prior...overall i'm losing interest in coach altogether....
  8. Good job!!!

    It is few trips I walk out empty-handed.... so GOOD FOR YOU!!!

    Maybe you will see something next month.
  9. You know, that so true. I've owned Coach before the fabrics came out. I noticed in the past few years, ever since they started making everything in China, that the quality control has gone downhill. On my new Legacy bag the stitching is off on the front flap. Nobody would notice this but me, and it bothers me. They sold out to greed, and that's what happens!
  10. Well at least you didn't walk out of the store with a bag that you would regret buying and then have to return it .. !! ;)
  11. :heart:I bet your wallet is LOVING you right now though!:heart:
  12. I'm back from checking out the new stuff but I didn't like ANYTHING!

    The only thing that I may buy is the Perfume Print mini skinny - it's trimmed in white patent leather and I LOVE it!! I also saw a Perfume Print pouch - looked exactly like the Legacy Stripe one except with the Perfume Print. Everything else didn't really grab my eye - I was also disappointed in the Weekend totes... I don't like the zipper closure.

    My wallet is breathing a huge sigh of relief though!
  13. I too went to Coach today and left empty-handed. I was extremely disappointed with the new stuff. I actually am holding out until I can find a red bag that I love - or even bright pink. Those new kisslock Ergos that are coming out in a few months are what I think I need.
  14. haha i know what you mean. sometimes you think ull just fall in love with something, and bummer. you dont. hopefully that wont happen to me today when DF and i go into coach.
  15. Was the perfume print pouch the one with the C's on it like the scribble colors? I went to the store at Montgomery Mall in MD and that's the only thing I recognized that I didn't see online. I don't think I even saw the weekend totes!

    I saw the new soho multiprint hobo, and I loved the colors of it in the catalog, but when I saw it IRL it wasn't as pretty as I expected it to be :sad: