Leesburg VA Outlet?

  1. Anyone been there lately? I was hoping to take Sister and I and go soon, like before Feb. (unfortunatly, i don't think Paychecks are going to cooperate!) Anyone know what they have?:shrugs:
  2. you were going to " take sister" what if sister didn't want to go with you? or what if i wanted to take my self... and geeze sister- you have to put this in the coach shopping! lol clearly we see who's on the forum more:graucho:
    but really has anyone been? we haven't been to leesburg since probabley june!
  3. I was there just before Christmas and they didn't have alot. I called a couple of days ago and the SA said their stock is low right now. I'm planning on going in a couple of days anyway, I usually go a couple of times a week since I live so close.
  4. I just went two days ago and they didn't have much. I went because someone on the boards said they had some legacys in but I only saw a satchel and it appeared very very worn.

    Are you looking for a specific bag?
  5. nah, well actually, i was hoping to find a lunch tote maybe patent....but also just the usual pick up maybe a wristlet and mini skinny.. it might still be worth going up there, it's about 45 min away.....

    also did they have any of the older hamptons weekend stuff?
    wondering, cuz i always want to get some but i figured they deffinatley don't have any now!
  6. well i was thinking about it, if the outlets get stuff from the stores, then they probebly don't have too much after Christmas. Coach does a lot of sales during the holidays, so they probebly don't have as much to send to the outlet.