Leesburg VA Outlet Updates-Feb. 2009

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  1. Anyone been up to Leesburg yet since Sunday?
    I went up on Sunday to get a price adjustment on two Amanda Satchels and am proud (and a little embarrassed) to say that I did NOT buy a single thing that day, that's a first for me!! ...Well there was nothing new anyway, so that kinda helped a little.
    I was replaying my Sun. visit in my head last night (anyone else do that- they draw a blank on what they saw there initially, and then it comes back to them days later??) and I now recall seeing one or two Legacy Thompson top handle satchels, one in white/parchment/ivory and I believe the other was in either black or ink. An SA was talking to me at the same time, so I became distracted and forgot to look at the prices. I'm still kind of considering that bag (if they still have them/it), so I'm going to head up tonight to see, plus I want to see if they have a Bleecker Haversack in Chocolate.... <crosses fingers>.
    Just wondering if anyone has been up since Sunday and has anything new to report?
  2. ^^ If you run into problems, AC has the Haversack in all colors, so maybe you could do a charge send! 609-345-1238.
  3. Thanks for that info. Baglady! Actually DH was talking about taking a trip up to AC during the President's day weekend (we had a free room offer/but as of yet I've still not called to check availability and I just realized there may not be any rooms avail. now since I totally forgot it's also Valentine's Day weekend). If we do get a room, maybe I could do a charge hold and pick it up on the weekend of the 14th/15th. Otherwise, I can try to do a charge send.
    Thanks again for looking out!
  4. #4 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    Stopped by Leesburg on my way home. (2/3).
    They didn't have too many new bags out, HOWEVER I finally got to see a Peyton in the Black Patent IRL (only saw it in the Red Patent last weekend) and I FELL IN LOVE!!! I had to get it...I also stumbled upon a bottle green Bridgit buried behind a bunch of bigger bags and almost didn't see it, so I had to get her too.
    So as soon as I got home I culled through my closet and will be returning three bags and a capacity wristlet (tags still on) to fund my purchases tonight.
    I didn't even mind that they didn't have any Bleecker Haversacks in chocolate (or any color for that matter).... If I find one, I find it, if I don't I'll live.

    OK- So here's what I saw that was new- Zoe pouches in about every single color I think they ever made- petrol. sig. aubergine, brown sig. , red patent, ant. bronze, khaki sig. w/ orchid trim etc... They were $189.00 but in the 30% off section not the 50% off section, however there were regular size Zoes, that were 50% so that makes no sense to me... In the regular size Zoes, they had a bunch of the antique gold (or bronze, I can't recall), some brown patent, and one Lg. brown (regular leather). They also had the khaki sig. and the brown sig. fabric Zoes, all 50% off.

    They still had the Carlys in both sizes in pretty much all the colors (finally saw a parchment w/ the grey trim in the Med. size) and the Ergo Pleated Framed Satchels (less colors to choose from though now- black patent, burnt orange, and magenta), all still 50% off.

    The scarfs were slim pickings, one blue tattersall cashmere scarf, some lavender, and some black cashmere scarves, all $40.00, but they still had quite a few gloves which I believe were $50.
    They had two legacy khaki Signature flap purses (w/ black trim) however a guy was up there trying to figure out whether he wanted to buy both or just one, so those may be gone...
    They had NO Amanda stuff at all. They had the resort op art foldover flap purses, the pouches, cosmetic bags, and mini skinnys (didn't see any wristlets); they still also had the rose gold small foldover clutches as well.

    Other than that, it appeared to be the same stuff that's been up there.

    Edit- Oh, and those Thompson Top Handle Satchels I'd seen on Sunday were both gone...
  5. Thanks for the update CA. Saves me the trip.
  6. Edit to my previous post- The bags I mentioned that I thought were Zoes- Med. size khaki sig. and brown sig. are actually Soho Hobos (just saw them on the website tonight, and realized my error). Sorry for any confusion!
  7. Wonderful update--I was about to drive up there after classes, but it looks like I don't need to.

    If anyone sees the Amanda grass/green Mini Skinny, do tell me. I'm still looking for it. TIA
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide such detailed updates on Leesburg. I had planned on driving out there during my "golden time" tomorrow while my son is in preschool, but now think I will wait until next week. Really do appreciate your sharing what you saw. BTW I have the red patent Peyton and LOVE it (great compartments and design)...enjoy the black one you scored!
  9. I go up there usually 3 times a week and I've yet to see any Amanda mini skinnys... Don't know if they came and went really fast, or Leesburg just didn't get any/many. Will keep my eyes peeled for them though (I'm looking for the plum/purple and fuschia/pink myself!)
  10. Thank you so much for the detailed updates!
  11. CA, Queenstown had a bunch of purple Amanda mini skinnys when I was there Monday.
  12. Thanks Legacychristy.... If it were warmer weather, I would definitely take a day trip and go to Queenstown, Rehoboth outlets and THE BEACH!!, but otherwise, that's too far for me to drive (a little over 2 hrs. to get to Queenstown alone).
  13. Thanks so much! :smile:
  14. anyone been up the end of the week? I might make the trip today, i need a new tote....anyone know whats there in the way of totes? what i would love to find is a large hamptons stripe one or a signature stripe satchel, but i'm sure both of those are non existent hmmmm I'll probably just go up to see what they have- i haven't been up the since october!
  15. Just back from Leesburg. To the poster above, they did have a lot of signature stuff- totes etc... so I'm sure you'll find something you love (I don't usually go for signature, so I wasn't paying close enough attention).

    Nothing new really since my last visit, although they had two Lindsey Shoppers in expresso, Peytons in Red Patent and Black Patent, and a Legacy Thompson top handle satchel in camel/natural (it was $200). I was sorely tempted but tried it on my shoulder (I know it's a satchel but I still like to wear satchels on my shoulder too) but the fit was way too tight.
    Otherwise I didn't see anything new in any of the boutique transfer bags, same stuff they've had the last few weeks.
    I only bought a teal mini skinny (only color they had:tdown:) and a gold lurex cosmetic case (this is like the third one I've bought, but for that price, I'm giving them out as gifts!!).
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