Leesburg Purchases

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  1. This is what I bought - my dogs will be the fanciest Cane Corsos on the block with their new Coach stud collars.
    I really love the color of the plum small leather hobo (it says on tag) what line is this purse from?
    I also like the green Legacy little bag with the gold chain - I dont remember seeing this one.
  2. Hey - where are my pics? they downloaded
  3. Hey you got the Mimi i put back? Wow, I'm surprised it survived that long :smile:

    I just don't have enough reasons to use it, not enough fancy occasions!

  4. I loved that Mimi too.... Bunny Masseuse was right though, it looks like more of a dressy bag-I wouldn't get to use it much either.
    You're a good influence on me Bunny M.....keeping me from impulse buys-I have a big problem w/ that!! My husband says I need to learn to excercise better self-control.... Still working on it.
  5. Its called a Mimi? I plan to wear it casual anyway.

    does anyone know why my pics say they download and then they do not show up?
  6. Not sure, but I know if the size is too large the file uploads will fail. Can you check the size of the photos and compress them if possible (I use MS Office Picture Manager and edit them to "compress for webpages". Other than that, I don't know why they wouldn't have uploaded?
  7. Nah no prob, I have learned to stay there longer and walk around a bit more as a way to run through my head the pattern I do to help eliminate those things I grab quickly but don't really need. It's not that I don't WANT it, but I need to seriously look at what I have and make sure that it will fit in the rotation of bags, won't be sitting alone all the time and will be well used. No use to have something that I don't make use of just because I don't have enough events to make having that item in my collection.

    Bag is beautiful, we havn't seen the pics but it was nice in person. One of the SA's said a manager returned it there.;)
  8. Well - I just went back to Leesburg and returned it anyway! LOL! My husband took the kids for the day so I went back to the outlet and returned a lot of little things for one big bag I really love, love love. It begins with an F and was very expensive.
  9. Francine?
  10. Yup - in teal - a very flashy bag but it was an early wedding anniversery gift - my husband will never know how much it was because he would fall over.
    They had teal and a conservative brown but I decided to go for it! Not sure if I should save it for summer next year or try to pull it off in the winter. It is pretty conservative around here but I might not be able to wait to wear it.
    I am going to have to figure out how to post it
  11. Yourself, CAA and I should met up sometime; Coach and Panera or something!

  12. Guess what???? I just went up to Leesburg to return a purse I'd bought about a month ago that I noticed had been reduced last week (saved $40.00 bucks!), and lo and behold Miss Mimi was still there.... She was surrounded by a bunch of wristlets and looked a little out of place. I'm really surprised she's still there. Maybe other people are also thinking, "can I wear this a casual bag or a dress bag" can't make up their minds and leave it alone...?

    I was so tempted to get a Hamptons Leather Hobo (# 12464) that was in the clearance area (boutique return) but when I got up to the counter I noticed it was scuffed up on the bottom, (like it had been dragged against concrete or something- It wasn't too big of an area, but when I noticed it and mentioned it to the SA, she said that was too bad, because you can't moisturize pebbled leather (I don't have anything in pebbled leather to know if that's true or not?) Anyway, If interested here's a pic of the bag (borrowed from the Coach site).
    I believe the SA said it would be $223.00 w/ the 20% discount. I'm still tempted, but am trying to be good (cause I'm going to the Atlantic City and Rehoboth Beach outlets in September).

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  13. That's the same one I saw someone buy when we were there together CAA. Guess they might have brought it back for the same reason.

    Poor Mimi, someone take her home! SHe's so pretty in her green leather...:heart:
  14. I really thought about it - and I just liked the looks of the Mimi - I really dont wear or like green or have a reason to use her since I have other wristlets and very small bags. I dont understand why I bought her - I guess because she was the only one -

    Now that I found out that the Legacy line has changed - I am wondering if I should have gotten the fabric Lily - even though I spent enough for a year already. I have Coach sickness! I keep thinking I cant spend any more money on bags but then I think how the Lily will never be here again...sigh....