Leesburg Outlet Updat

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  1. Has anyone been to the outlet in Leesburg, VA lately? I'm wondering if it's worth a trip out there. THXs!:nogood:
  2. Oh, me too, I'd love to know!
  3. I live like 5 minutes away from the Leesburg outlets and their stuff changes every day. I believe they are very selective on which items they put out.
    I went this past Friday and was lucky enough to get an Ali.:yahoo: They also had two Legacy whiskey leather shoulder flaps and a medium Hertiage Pink Stripe beauty case just to name a few things that caught my eye.

    Was there anything specific you are looking for?
  4. I was there a week ago - additional 20% off.
  5. I want to go too! but sadly no money and it's about 45 min!
    lately i have been going to marshalls or tj's to see if they have anything good
  6. I'm looking for anything in the Hertiage Pink Stripe, so thank you so much for that update! I will be sure to head out there this weekend!!! Congrats on scoring your Ali!!! You should post pics if you haven't!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::ty:
  7. Hi. That Heritage item would have been a return from a full price boutique. Thai, by now that baby is probably long gone.
  8. This past weekend 2/23 I went out to leesburg and got 2 cute bags and whoa baby what a sale they had! I got a small soho flap in black leather for $76 after the 30% off 109 then got another larger soho flap mini sig in khaki/doe for $96 (I may take that one back tho).

    They had lot of choices (large leather for $209 + 30% off), a few scribbles and quite a few signature styles ranging from $139-289 with 20-30% off. I don't know how long those 30% markdowns will last. SA told me that they change the markdowns every so often and the discounts I got Saturday weren't there Monday when I called again. ah well. Still, I think it just depends on what you're looking for or if you're just in the mood to buy. Anytime I go I find something I like, but it's a hike for me from Fairfax tho (which could be a good thing for my wallet).