Leesburg Outlet and Madison "Fringe" Benefits


Oct 7, 2006
Today I went to pick-up my Black Editorial Zoe that I done a charge-hold for earlier this week. But, while I was there, this additional beauty just had to come home with me. I saw this earlier this season at the COACH store in Las Vegas and I called a friend about it and could not believe my eyes when I saw it today.

The final price on the Madison Fringe Tote was $706.99 - 50% = 353.49 + tax and the final price on the Zoe was $569 - 50% = $284.

Meet my two new babies.....BTW - excuse the photos but I was in a hurry to take then before my DH got home from the golf course. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


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Aug 21, 2008
They had the madison fringe tote at Aurora, IL. for the same price but all I saw was the purple and it was TDF!!! I didn't think I'd like those, but after seeing the purple IRL had I been in a $$$ situation to buy it, I would have!!!

Congrats, two great bags!!! Two great deals!!!


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Jun 21, 2007
So glad a fellow tPFer got this, I think it's the same one that I returned there on Friday evening!

I bought it a month or more ago and was waiting for the Spring to use it. Recently I started wanting the Plum also, after seeing it for the 2nd time IRL a couple of weeks ago. When I called my favorite Boutique to inquire they told me that it was shipped to the Outlet! So I got on the phone and contacted a couple of Outlet locations who said they were getting it in! To my luck they got both the Gold & the Plum, so I bought them both for less than the price of the one original!

So it seems we both had "Fringe Benefits"!!!:yahoo:

I hope you Enjoy this beauty!!!


Sep 15, 2007
LOL, I like your title!! CONGRATS!!! I am also a member of the outlet "Madison fringe benefits"!

As far as the XL Zoe goes, it's very funny....my new outlet is pretty clueless! I had already bought several editorial Zoes at the outlets in PA, including this version in the chocolate. When I went to my new local outlet this weekend, I asked if they had anything in the back, and she listed what she had and the black XL was one of them...but she quickly informed me she wasn't allowed to sell it. I said, oh, no problem, I got the chocolate weeks ago at Hershey, lol. She did offer me the Penelope spectator in gray/white, though, so I was happy to take that off her hands, but I love the inconsistencies from outlet to outlet! There's no reason they should not all be selling the Zoes. ANyway, congrats again, and enjoy your new bags!!!