Leesburg - February

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  1. Has anyone been there? Any new inventory? TIA
  2. I was thinking about heading up after work (working from home today- woo hoo!) but I hear they're only offering a 10% off coupon now, so I may just wait till closer to President's Day assuming they offer a 20% off coupon again (like hopefully starting the Wed. before- 2/8?!). If I do go up, I'll definitely report back what I see...
  3. I am going to try to go tomorrow night pending the Snow's arrival.

    I HEAR it's going to be bigger than the 1958 storm! (quoted from the National Weather service historic events list)

    "February 15-17 1958: A severe nor'easter began on the 15th. During moderate to heavy snowfall, north winds blew at 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph creating blizzard conditions and subzero wind chills. A 50 mile wide band of 15 to 20 inches of snow fell from Washington, DC northeast through Baltimore County. While Frederick and Emmitsburg reported 10 inches, areas to the west only received 4 to 8 inches fell. Over the Delmarva Peninsula, the Lower Eastern Shore saw a trace to an inch of snow with an inch of rain, but the Upper Shore (including Easton) and Delaware recieved as much as a foot of snow. Calvert and Charles County also saw 10 to 16 inches of snow. Washington, DC reported 14 inches, Baltimore 15.5 inches, Dundalk 18 inches, Pikesville 22 inches, Westminister 15 inches and Bel Air 17 inches. Temperatures were just below freezing when the storm began and then feel throught the 20�s.
    When the snow ended, the temperature fell to 3�F at Frindeship International Airport outside Baltimore. Winds increased to 35 mph with gusts to 45 mph on the 16th. The additional blowing and severe drifting of snow paralyzed all transportation by land, air, rail and highway. Some drifts were 5 to 6 feet deep and the winds continued through the 17th. Talbot County reported 8 foot drifts. Thousands of motorists were marooned. At the Bowie race track over 5000 people were stranded while the Pennsylvania Railroad sent rescue trains which were delayed many hours. Schools remained closed until the 24th in North-central Maryland and surrounding areas. Severe thunderstorms were reported during the intense nor'easter. Annapolis reported lightning and wind gust to 58 mph. Lightning was also reported at Tacoma Park. Wind damage was considerable in Talbot and Dorchester Counties. Many trees were blown down, telephone service was cut, and electric service was disrupted. Damages were estimated at 500 million dollars in Maryland, Delaware and DC.

    March 19-21, 1958: A slow moving nor'easter struck rather late in the season in 1958 causing huge amounts of property damage. Over a foot of heavy wet snow took a heavy toll on trees, shrubs, television antennas, power and communication lines. Carroll, Baltimore and Harford Counties was hardest hit. In Baltimore City, the storm began as rain during the day of the 19th but changed to heavy wet snow for the slushy commute home. It also changed to snow quickly to the northwest as the ground gained in elevation and the temperature fall. The Mount Washington section of Baltimore received 24 to 30 inches of snow. This section is just a 100 feet higher than the rest of the city. On Parr Ridge in Mount Airy, Carroll County, a weather reporter measued 33 inches of snow from the storm (4.03 inches liquid equivalent). Other reports included 29 inches at Parkton, 24.5 inches at Bentley Springs, 23 inches at Conowingo Dam and in Delaware, 27 inches at Middletown. For Westminister, 30 inches from this storm combined with two snows earlier in the month for a March snow total of 42 inches! Hagerstown saw 16 inches with areas to the west receiving considerably less. The Lower Eastern Shore saw 3 inches with areas to the north like Denton receiveing 13 inches.
    Thousands of homes were without heat, light, power, and telephone service. Up to a million homes lost phone service and 2000 poles came down. 300,000 homes lost electricity including the entire communities of Frederick, Annapolis, Aberdeen, Bel Air, and Havre De Grace. For many, it was over a week before power was restored. Baltimore Gas and Electric estimated the storm damage to be 3 times greater than that of Hurricane Hazel in 1954. Major arteries were blocked by abandoned cars and fallen trees and branches. Damage was $10 million in Maryland and there were 8 deaths in the state attributed to the storm.

  4. Apparently, PM got some kristin items in and I called leesburg and they had none. They also said they had one medium ivy garnet, which ended up being the same price as all the other garnets that were on clearance, even the large ones. I just think that's funny.

    Can't wait to see what you guys post. Wish I could go more often
  5. Oy Vay!! I'm about snowed out already and am eagerly awaiting Spring....The older I get, the less tolerant of cold I become!!!
  6. Me too... If I wanted all this snow and cold, I would have stayed in Chicago!
  7. yeah, me definitely. planning to go for shopping during the President's Day. im hoping for 20% coupon too... pls let me know if any happy news during that weekend.
  8. Nothing super spectacular tonight... but I did have to pick up a few things (and returned some that I had which were duplicates!)... some for friends... maybe something for me too :smile:

    They stated they might be closing early tomorrow... and potentially with the snow closed on Sat but it's all speculation at this point...
  9. OT- but do you happen to know how outlets are with returns without receipts?
    i really want a kristin hobo- so i went thru my things and have like $300+ worth of things with tags on them- but i can't find my receipts! i don't mind getting store credit for them- and they were all purchased within the last week or 2... but there's like 5 things...
  10. I personally think you'll get merchandise credit for non-receipts. That's kinda how it works.

    Time to retrace the steps and think think think, where did you put the receipts?
  11. I want to go shopping.

    Do we think that Leesburg will be closing early tonight and/or closed tomorrow/Sunday?

    What say you, L-burg Ladies?
  12. I think they will PROBABLY be closing early tonight, which is unfortunate since I was told last night they still have a lot of product boxes in the back that need to be processed. I'm assuming they are FP deletes.. but I could be wrong.

    The SA I talked to also assumed that hours for Sat would either be highly cut... or non existent based on how bad the weather is... and how long it takes for the roads to be clear.
  13. I was thinking the same thing Michelle!!! I'm working from home today and get off in another hour, but the roads might be too bad by then.....
  14. Things are beginning to close, I'd skip it or at least call before I left home. Mazza Gallerie is closing, many stores at Tysons are closed, etc.
  15. I'm sooooo hating a weekend without shopping (though it will be nice to be snowed in with the Kindle!)! Hopefully, there will be lots of good stuff once the weather improves!