LeeMiller's rock and roll chic collection!

  1. like your Alexander McQueen skull
  2. This is the best collection of purses I've seen -- you have a really excellent personal style.
  3. the Chanels! the vintages! :tup:
  4. I got the magazine clutch on eBay! You can find them on there. I did make sure to get a vintage one since I prefer that look.
  5. Thanks so much everyone for your sweet comments!! I really appreciate them.
  6. I love this bag, I feel I need one in my life! Love your collection
  7. thank you for sharing. love the a.mcqueen clutch.
  8. :yahoo:Some new purchases, interior purse items! Balenciaga black milky way coin purse, LV black patent epi agenda, and Chanel zip around wallet.
    chanel wallet.jpg epi agenda.jpg new interior.jpg milky way 1.jpg
  9. love your new purchases
  10. Love them all!
  11. Grteat new additions. Congrats
  12. Great additions!
  13. wow you have a beautiful collection! love your taste, especially love your McQueen Clutch and vintage magazine clutch!! Totally rock!!!
  14. love the CHanel & the Black Balenciaga:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  15. love the AMQ clutch...great collection!