leelee's beginner collection!

  1. I just started collecting handbags a year and a half ago. I was going to wait for my new balenciaga to come in, but I was bored today and I will post pictures when it comes in.

    coach.jpg calvin.jpg louis.jpg coachsc.jpg access.jpg
    The first photo are all my coach handbags and wristlets/wallet that I use with them. The pink duffle was my first coach I recieve for my birthday from my SO. The tan bag is one of my favorites, because I can carry EVERYTHING in there and I DO. I'm the roughest on it, but the material is really dirt proof. The others I just kind of picked up here and there.

    The second photo is my two Calvin Klein bags that I just picked up last winter. I LOVE the clutch it is really interesting looking in person.

    The third is my shining star! It is my LV trouville and a key chain. I refused to carry this purse for a while, and have just recently started carrying it around. My SO bought it for me while we were in Dallas.

    The fourth picture is all of my coach scarves. I always tie scarf to my bag, and I love the colorful ones.

    The last pictures is just my favorite random accessories. I bought a McQueen scarf to go with my new Balenciaga that I have not received yet. There are some coach wristlets and keychains. I have a lanyard on my sidekick. In the back are 4 pairs of sunglasses. My versace are my absolute fav right now.
  2. Lovely collection ! :yes: Thanks for sharing - I especially like the trouville and cles !
  3. Thanks ayla I adore them! It's funny because when my SO purchased the bag I felt guilty for someone spending THAT much money on me, well that has passed... and now I'm hungry for more. HEHE
  4. Great collection! I love your Calvin Klein clutch, it's so pretty!
  5. Your collection is gorgeous! I also love the idea with the scarfs-they are so pretty!
  6. Very cute collection. Great coach scarves!
  7. Great pics!!! Carry the Trouville girl!!!! Its sooooooo pretty!!!
  8. What a variety!!! ;)
  9. beautiful louis vuittons. amazing collection - keep it up!
  10. Wonderful collection, thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for the nice comments. I really love the purse forum, everyone for the most part is so nice and non-judgemental. I have yet to share you guys with my best friend whom I got to start collecting coach items.
  12. Very nice collection. Make sure you post a picture of the new bag when it comes.
  13. :nuts: Nice collection !!!:tender: I love your CK clutch and LV Trouville:girlsigh: Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  14. You have so many colourful bags! :biggrin: It's a pretty good looking collection :biggrin:
  15. Fab collection! I love your Trouville!! :smile:
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