Leelee Sobieski & Tara Subkoff: Purple Fashion Magazine Dinner in New York!

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  2. Leelee is really pretty I think:smile:
    and Tara looks adorable as per always!
  3. I recognise Leelee. Wasn't she a child actor? She looks great.
  4. ummmm why did you copy and past my own words? odd:smile: lol
  5. Are these two a couple??
  6. They are both hot!:smile:
  7. ohhh!That is hot!
  8. theyre a couple? hott
  9. :rolleyes::rolleyes:Ohhh totaly hot!
  10. I don't know what it is but Leelee could be the secret daughter of Helen Hunt
  11. Yes she is daughter of Helent Hunt!
  12. really? lol
    Ok, that explains it all ;)
  13. OMG! These are so fine!
  14. LeeLee looks great. I've been told I look like her double - but I dont really see it. :blink:
  15. I forgot all about LeeLee where has she been. I think she looks gorgeous, great eyes.