Leeds, UK tPF Meet on Friday, November 23, 2007


pick a date

  1. friday november 23rd

  2. saturday november 24th

  3. friday november 30th

  4. saturday december 1st

  5. friday december 7th

  6. saturday december 8th

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  1. can everyone please vote for which day would be better for you, if theres more than one date that suits you please let me know.
  2. I'm fine for all of those dates!
  3. I can't do the last two and my preference is November 24th. :tup:
  4. i'm not 100% sure, but the last 2 seem best for me at the mo!
  5. Sorry if Im being a pain in saying that I dont really mind what date.

    Hubby will be driving me the nice 4/5 hour trip (hes a member too-loopys other half) and I think we are going to get a hotel for the night and have a little break!!

    Yipee cant wait.
  6. I've voted but I don't really mind, would prefer a Saturday though.
  7. is it an all girls party?
  8. I would like to go on a Friday really but as i said any day is great for me!
    But if i'm right i though a few people said that they couldnt do the last 2 dates chosen for december so are the November dates better for everyone?
  9. Nope !
    we have Socialite coming!:smile:
  10. where will we be meeting?
  11. socialite? sorry im not familiar with everyone on the forums because im quite new here! :shame:
  12. ^Hes one of our regular posters!
    I don't think we have planned where we are meeting yet.
  13. oh right! :p can i come along? hopefully i will be able to make it
  14. ^ Of corse! Everyone is welcome!
  15. :yahoo:yay! oh yea what is the VIC room?