Lee Outlet Shopping

  1. Prices if anyones interested:
    Gold Tote - $210
    Soho Suede - $98
    Scarf - $44

    They were having an extra 10% off every purchase the day I went. :yahoo:
    goldtote.jpg scarf.jpg soho.jpg
  2. I love that gold tote! Congrats.
  3. Nice items! I went to the outlet today in MD and they had those bags sitting at the entrance :smile:
  4. Nice! I love the scarf.
  5. Did they have any great 06 Legacy finds? (Ali's, Mandy's, shoulder totes?)

    ps - love the gold tote! is that the lunch tote? very pretty
  6. LOVE the tote, congrats!

    Wow, everyone's getting such great deals at the outlets...wish mine wasn't so far away... :sad:
  7. nice buys!! :tup: