Lee MA Outlet

  1. Anyone been to the Outlet (Prime Outlet's I think) at Lee MA? It's my nearest one and I'm thinking about heading over there in a week or two but don't want a wasted journey. I've had some really mixed findings with outlets and just hope this is a good one!
  2. I love this outlet...I've always gotten some great deals there!

    I haven't been in a while (not since July)...but planning a trip up in a few weeks....hmm...maybe this weekend. heheh

    I THINK the store moved to a larger space, but I'm not totally sure. The SAs are really nice...and it's definitely worth checking out. (also - this outlet carries signature bags if that interests you)
  3. This is an old thread, but I'm bumping it so I don't have to start a new one..

    Ne one know if the Lee, MA outlet is open today? It should be about 10:40 there and I've called about 3 times and have not gotten an answer... don't they open at 10? :confused1:
  4. Not sure if they are open today. Maybe they delayed due to the weather?

    I was just there yesterday and remember the following boutiqe deletes:
    1 amethyst bridget - only legacy I saw
    1 magenta hamptons clutch
    resort pouches - 2 printed and one black leather
    Leather shoulder zip bags - I think these were Hamptons?
    2 juliannes - can't remember colors but think one was black and one magenta (?)
    Carly leather - a few in large and medium in plum and blue, a couple tan/brown medium. Did not see any slim in any color
    Carly signature, metallic and other color combos, med/large
    several pleated ergo hobos leather
    one ocelot print umbrella - $15 I remember this because the SA was trying to sell it to a lady who had a leopard scarf on!

    LOTS of new outlet stock - reissue of last spring's patchwork, a bleeker leather line, white wth a light blue stripe stuck out to me. Lots of Soho, including one that was jaquard with a black carriage print.

    Sorry, I didn't look too closely at things for prices exact colors but was in a hurry!
  5. Thanks for the update, I was just calling to check on my charge-send, called another store at the outlet there and was told that the whole outlet mall is closed due to the weather... I was going to pick up that magenta julianne as well, but figured that it would be too big and not very practical for my everyday wear...

  6. Funny... That's exactly what I told my daughter when she picked it up! I have been using my teal gigi for my laptop and files every day for several months that's just perfect. Even though it's a bit heavy it's wearing lovely and goes with everything no matter what bag or coat I wear.
  7. LOL, thats funny, its definitely a very pretty bag though!
  8. Anyone been to this outlet lately and if so any updates?

  9. Anyone been up here this week yet? Anything new?