1. Does anybody know if Ledbury is/has been available in more colours/leathers than what is currently shown on mulberry.com?
  2. My daughter had an apple green but thats discontinued. Try the outlets. Bestest , Flossie
  3. I believe it has been made in every seasonal colour, also in congo and kenya leathers (black and brown). Still kicking myself not getting it in chocolate congo a few years back :push:
  4. In darwin, apart from the black, brown and oak, Ive only seen it in olive. They had some of the olive in the outlets a while back which apparently went in the sale. I decided I wanted one late dec/early jan, but i missed the boat on them. They may still get them in again sometime though (at the outlets).

    As Flossie said, its also been available in the apple, and so im guessing perhaps the lavendar too, although Im not sure of this.

    You dont tend to see that many of them on eBay tbh, certainly not in the more unusual colours.
  5. I have seen one in baby pink,Rachiem owns one,but apart from the standard black oak and choc,I have'nt seen any others in real life,but have a look on the photo ref thread,there is an indigo one on there,I think it belongs to Toffenulatte.
  6. Thanks:smile: It's great to know what colours exist if I decide to try to find one on eBay.
  7. I have one in vanilla and I think the leather is called 'matt glove':girlsigh:
  8. I saw a ginger one at bicester outlet last year!
  9. Why did I forget about baby pink?! :noggin: I swear Ive lost half my brain recently :lol:
  10. Toffeenutlatte's is an E/W Bayswater, isn't it?
  11. Pigen, from the picture I think it is, yes.