Ledbury with feet

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  1. Hi bought a ledbury today in black glove leather with shiney hardware and feet fully lined for £255 from york outlet absolutley gorgeous does anyone else own a ledbury with feet and lining? and do they retail for the same price as the standard unlined version in darwin leather which is normally £295? any feedback would be much appreciated just want to know if i have a steal of a deal or wether i've saved a mere £40 x
  2. I really don`t know but some of the other ladies will be able to help , I`m sure they will be along soon .
  3. Hi there :smile:

    My oak darwin Ledbury doesn't have feet and it's unlined. Maybe they did different versions?

    Congrats on it though, it's the bag i use the most and I've had it for about 4 years :smile:
  4. I have heard of lined ones,I think it may be the glove leather though,but I really am not too sure!!! I think some ladies got some off the website in the sales and I know Rach has a baby pink one.........she may know,sorry I could'nt help more!!xx
  5. I believe they come lined in certain leathers, like my E/W Bayswater is lined, it is in Buffalo leather whereas the Darwin leather tends to be unlined.
    I think I remember the outlet saying that the Limited edition ones came with feet, which is probably the one you've got.
    I also remember the Outlet saying that a Choc or black Ledbury were extremely rare to find in an outlet, so any discount is a bonus, well done!!
    Sorry I don't know what the full price is but I was under the impression that the outlets offered a minimum of 30% discount??
  6. thankyou ladies for your input food for thought x
  7. the outlet had the original price at £495 rrp but i asked if this was right thinking that was the price for the larger bayswater the assistant wasn't sure so i thought i'd ask you guys knowing the original ledbury retailed at £295 i thought surely you pay the extra for the extras but not £200 more x
  8. Mmm,the bayswater does retail at £495,limited Ledburys I'm really not sure,sorry!!
  9. Is it a ledbury or an east west bayswater? Do you have the product code number from the bar tag, it will be something like HHxxx/xxx.

    I have never seen a ledbury with feet, and the glove ones are not usually lined, not even special editions, so would be interested to hear more.
  10. I do not have a product code tag the sales assistant took all the tags when purchased it is definatly a ledbudy not a shoulder bag,black glove leather more of a softer leather and a little lighter than the darwin (that i have a phoebe in in a gorgeous lavender shade.) all the hardwear is shiney like on the patent bags or the new season range it looks really classy and the lining is the brown fabric with the mulberry tree logo on, it has an inner pocket that is trimmed at the top with leather and where the mulberry name in on the inside where it is usally printed it says mulberry made in england it also has the inner small lablel saying made in england too. the dimensions are the same as a standard ledbury just wondered if the pricing was right it was an afterthought when i had purchaed thinking i had not got a gooder deal as i first thought, i could have got the same ledbury from mulberry.com with feet in the printed leather in brown for £295 darwin.
    does anyone know if the leather type makes a difference in price?
  11. is mine a limited ledbury ?x
  12. If it is a limited edition, as opposed to a special edition or retail special, then it will have a limited edition plate on it somewhere, and will command a higher price. Unless it is goat or python etc, then the price is not usually much different.
  13. Just a thought, as Jazzy said, I recently bought a purse from Shepton Mallet and they were specially made for the Outlets only??
    Maybe that's what your bag is...you could email Customer Services at Mulberry and see if they could give you any more info.
  14. i had a ledbury for xmas in gunmetal. it has feet too. know it was £350

  15. sounds a lovely colour laura well done. still not heard anything back from mulberry customer services but thankyou for the advice x