Ledbury or Blenheim?

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  1. I'm looking for a small Mulberry, because I don't carry much stuff around with me and I'm quite petite so think the smaller versions would suit me better. Now my dilemma is I find the Ledbury extremely cute and very lovely as a small version of the Bayswater. But since I can't sling it on my shoulder, I'm afraid I won't use it as much as I would if I get a Blenheim. But the Blenheim, while being more practical, doesn't seem that special to me. :confused1:

    So what do you girls think? Am leaning towards the Ledbury which is more 'classic' Mulberry to me. But I would love to hear your opinions. Thank you :smile:
  2. How about the east-west Bayswater? It's small, like the Ledbury, but has long, Bayswater length straps so it should fit over the shoulder. Toffeenutlatte has just posted pics of her indigo east-west and it's gorgeous.
  3. Ive had this dilemma before, although Ive not actually got round to buying a small mulberry because other things have cropped up, but Im hoping to get one sometime in the new year. I love the look of the ledbury, but like you mentioned, Im concerned that I cant use it as a shoulder bag. I think the blenheim would therefore be more versatile, and as a littler, roxanne inspired bag, I think it is pretty cute. I guess it also depends on the colour, what colour were you thinking of? I love the blenheim in the darwin colours, but the glove version does nothing for me.
  4. I did think of it, and at first glance I liked it and thought it was just nice for me. But after looking at more pictures of it, I'm not too sure now. It doesn't quite do it for me anymore you know? The proportions are a bit off, and it doesn't seem like a 'real' mini version of the Bayswater anymore, and so doesn't have that 'cute' factor which drew me to the Ledbury.
  5. I suppose whatever colours they have at the Bicester outlet. haha... I saw quite a few when I was there not too long ago, and will be going again sometime soon so hopefully they will still have the colours that appeal to me. Last time, I think they had them in oak and in the darker rose/ pink colour which I can't remember what the actual name is, and these were the two colours that I liked. Oh well... I'll see what they have when I get there. Fingers crossed I will find something I like. :nuts:
  6. I vote for Blenheim - I really love mine, it's probably my favorite bag out of all of the ones I have. I desperately want another one, so I hope Mulberry will bring them back :smile:
  7. I think an oak blenheim would be gorgeous. Would look great with jeans!
  8. i decided on the ledbury for now but i'm looking around on eBay for a good deal on a blenheim. i have since left the uk so i won't be able to go to bicester in the foreseeable future sadly.
  9. Have you considered the Rosemary yet? It is the small version of the Roxanne, with a shoulder strap. I think it is extremely cute, and it would be my first choice if I carried less stuff than I usually do.
  10. I have two blenheims and really love the bags. For the size of the bag, things pack inside quite nicely. People always compliment me on these two bags.

    Good luck deciding!
  11. yes i did. n i find it extremely cute too. but i found it rather too heavy for me given its size, which isn't surprising seeing it has all that hardware.
  12. i've since bought a chocolate ledbury, which is my first mulberry! :yahoo: but i wouldn't mind a blenheim in the near future :graucho: it's a great size for me since i don't usually carry a lot of stuff around. n i suppose one mulberry is never enough. i just love the leather.

  13. Congratulations on your chocolate ledbury- v cute bag! - and your right- I'm addicted to the leather- particularly the smell:yes:
  14. WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I traded a limited baby blue Blenhiem for a more 'practical' chocolate one.Don't even ask me how utterly stupid I think I am,I don't think there is a category that covers it.
    But yes the East-West Bayswater is a lovely in between size!! And chocolate too!! Yummy!!! Congratulations!! XXX
  15. thanks flyvetjo & chaz. haven't had a chance to bring it out yet but i will soon. need to get the collonil spray first.

    btw, chaz i got a ledbury not a east-west bayswater.