LECOLQUITT'S Collection [partial add ons later]

  1. Here's a great portion of my collection, these are all of the accessories
    I have to date here with me in L.A. excluding my Porte Document Geant
    and all of the accessories [small leather goods etc etc.] inside of the bag
    which I am currently carrying today [that I forgot to put in the picture]
  2. i would die for your collection. lol. gorgeous hermes. totally jealous of both. what color are they?
  3. holy crap.

    its gorgeous :smile:

    thanks for sharing!
  4. Holy Moley!!! Fantabulous collection! Wow wow wow ... what else can I say? I love it all!
  5. Loooove your Goyard bags!!v Great collection!!
  6. Thanks everyone!
    Chris, they're gold togo PH.

    Now here are some pictures I found in my computer of other pieces I own.
    Mulberry Picadilly
    Porte Document Geant, still here currently being used.
    Gucci Computer bag
    Keepall 55 [watermark:crybaby:] home in NJ recovering! Project: Even Patina
    my complete Groom Collection minus blue keychain.
    Monogrammed Canvas Pochette Bosphore
    Pampelonne GM & Miroir Alma
    still on a scavenger hunt for more pictures of my stuff. lol
  7. [​IMG]
    koala wallet
    Monogrammed Canvas Agenda PM
    Sunglasses [thank god for eBay]
    St Laurent messenger 'canard messenger'

    still on a scavenger hunt for more pictures of my stuff. lol
  8. love everything in your collection!
  9. I'm insanely jealous- everything in your collection is just gorgeous and I would love to own any part of it!
  10. WOW!love the hermes!
  11. thank you everyone :smile:
  12. I love you'r collection and you'r shoe bags and you'r suhali lockit it's the travel size right? how do you feel carying it I held the white one once...
  13. I'm pretty comfortable carrying it its really a great sized bag
    the leather is so soft! I really am happy I picked up that piece
    the white one is equally as gorgeous I think I may purchase the brown one
    down the road but I'm really running out of space haha
  14. and most importantly...thanks!
  15. Love your collection,especially the tobago shoes bag,mirror keepall, birkins and travel size suhali bag.:heart: