LeBron James engaged to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson

  1. LeBron James's mother, Gloria, was arrested early Thursday after an alleged altercation at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.

    "There was an incident involving Mrs. Gloria James and an employee of our valet parking provider while she was exiting the hotel early Thursday morning," Mabel de Beunza, a spokesperson for Fontainebleau Miami Beach, said in a statement. (Lebron, meanwhile, had a game)

    According to a source on the scene, Gloria and some girlfriends came to party at club LIV at the Fontainebleau, where she was being "sweet as pie" during the the night out. When it came time to leave around 5 a.m., a security guard escorted her to the valet area to collect her car. The escort was not because she was behaving badly, the source says, but because it's a Fontainebleau policy to provide their VIP guests with an escort.

    "When Gloria went to get in her car, she said she couldn't find her keys which she was told were in the car," the source tells PEOPLE. "She got angry quickly and swung her bag at the valet person who brought the car."

    But her aim was off, and Gloria missed the valet with her bag, the source says, so she slapped his face a minute later. That's when, the source says, the police were called, and Gloria was taken into custody early Thursday morning.

    She will likely face a misdemeanor assault charge, police tell the Miami Herald.

    The Herald says Gloria James has been in trouble with the law before, having faced a DUI charge in Ohio in 2006.

    Gloria raised LeBron, 26, an NBA star, as a single mother. He sports a "Queen James" tattoo in her honor and has described her as a strong-willed woman who kept him humble in the wake of his super stardom.

    "She doesn't hold her tongue," he told GQ last year. "If she sees something that she believes isn't right or is right, she's going to speak about it."

  2. :nogood:
  3. I need the following mothers to STFD:
    Gloria James
    Frankie Lyons
    Momma Jones
    and Janice Combs (she's not violent, but those wigs, contacts and outfits are a crime)

  4. I would DIE if my mother acted the fool like this. My mom did once act up in Macy's and I wanted to crawl in a hole. Then she got loud with me, when I walked away looking for the hole.
  5. Hot ass mess. Maybe Delonte will bail her out of jail?

  6. I don't know what it is about having your mom go off in public that makes u :-s no matter your age lol
  7. you ain't have ta go there! :biggrin:
  8. It was TOO easy ..

    A friend of mine posted on FB .. "LeBron's mom is going West for Valentine's Day. Delonte West." You can imagine how popular his status was.

  9. I think it has to do with someone older than you, who taught you right from wrong and who should know better.
  10. Why was his momma leaving a hotel at 4.45 in the morning and why was she drunk and about to get in her car and drive somewhere? :nogood:
    She's a mess.

    Add Momma Breezy to that list and we're >>>>>here<<<<<

  11. Angela Yee posted this picture:


    Congrats to both of them! :woohoo:

    It's about damn time he put a ring on her! :biggrin:
  12. I was wondering when this was gonna happen this week! Yay, so happy for them
  13. The ring don't mean sh^t, he will still cheat and disrespect her
  14. I don't have anything nice to say. She's such an insecure doormat and he's just a dirty dog. Kobe part 2. No point in getting married if you're still not going to be exclusive to her.

    She got breast implants very recently and is training hardcore to get skinny before the wedding. I feel bad because she's really nice but she is aware of what goes on and let's him walk all over her pretty pathetically so I can't feel all that sorry for her.
  15. ^yep someone spilled the engagement tea on another blog and said the same thing