1. Im leaving tonight for Fort Lauderdale, then on my cruise on saturday. anyone know any good places to shop in those places? im too excited!!:yahoo: :nuts:
  2. have fun
  3. have fun...where are you off to on your cruise?
  4. Yes!!! MY best friend lives in Ft. Lauderdale and they have EXCELLENT restaurants. Lets see if I can remember any of them... On Las Olas Blvd:
    Grand Forno for the best chocolate croissants and awesome panini
    Le Bonne Crepe for breakfast
    Big City Tavern yummy!

    Carlos & Pepes is decent mexican food near the causway were the ships are.
    The Bimini Boat Yard- great setting on the water. Food is ok, cute place.

    Have fun!:flowers:
  5. Woot! Have fun on your cruise!!!
  6. thanks you guys! i will be cruising in Ocho Rios, Grand Caymans that area. and will be leaving actually 2AM friday morning. well basically tonight :P
  7. ohh have FUN biotch. i :heart: ft. lauderdale, and i LOOOOOOVE cruises..

    mmmm..unlimited cheeeesecake... loves it!

    grand caymans.. soo nice my cousin lives there! ENJOY
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