Leaving your credit card details

  1. Hi All,

    I just wanted to know, do any tpf's feel comfortable leaving their details with the SA's? Since I am from Australia, I am always late in the hunt for getting waitlisted for a bag. Therefore, I have to opt the chances of leaving my cc details to secure a bag. I feel a little bit uncomfortable as I live here and I'm leaving my details over there.

    Does anyone else feel werid about it? Or is it just me?
  2. hey Tyaz...
    You are definitely not alone, i feel the exact same way as you. But I guess working with a "reputable" SA helps relieve the stress and anxiety.
  3. If you do this, make sure it's with an SA you absolutely know and trust. I left my CC details with an SA at my local Neiman Marcus just in case a Baby Coco Cabas came in that I desperately wanted. She ended up charging bags on my account that just came in, which she thought I'd be interested in because "if she didn't charge it on my card, someone else would snap it up". Mind you, I had never seen the bags she put on my card and when I came in to look at them, they were definitely NOT what I wanted. Suffice to say that she is no longer my SA and I ended up buying my Coco Cabas somewhere else ! :cursing:

    And OH! I walked into the store with my new Baby Cabas, she saw me and said "oh, we had a few of those come in but I was out on vacation so I couldn't get you one anyway..." The nerve!
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing: The nerve of that SA! I would have have a nice little convo w/ your manager! That's just unacceptable!
  5. Wow mimi!... I think I would say something to the Manager about that. SA's should never charge your card without your consent. My SA at NM has my card info, but would never charge unless I call her looking for a specific bag and she tracks it down. I would die if she just started charging for bags she thought I'd like.
  6. My SA has my CC info, but she has never charged it unless I've okayed it for a specific bag.

    I haven't had any problems with her.
  7. i don't trust sa's with my credit card info either. also, i usually use debit cards so i always need to make sure that i have enough money in my account to cover the bags.
  8. Actually, a debit card as far as your info being out there is more dangerous than a CC because it is linked to your checking account. In the event of fraud, you are often protected by the CC companies, but not as much with debit.
  9. thanks for the tip! good thing i don't trust leaving my card number with anyone...
  10. Tyaz, i'm in Australia as well. I've always left my credit card details with my SA, i guess she can't run with the money because the credit card company will protect you in an event of fraud.
    I trust my SA and i've never had a problem.
  11. I have my info on file with my SA but she only authorizes it. When I go in to pick up she puts it through and I sign for it or decline it.
    HOWEVER, in the past, a certain SA who was fired used mine along with some other cc's to hold merchandise for her inventory. Needless to say, she is no longer there. I feel safe with my SA now so its a matter of trust.
  12. I have had no problems with having my cc on file whether the boutique or NM....I would be quite upset if someone did some of the things I have read on this thread....talk about taking advantage!
  13. I have never had a problem. My SAs have my number --it makes life easier. But they always talk to me before charging my account. Even if they didn't, you can just tell them to return it -- sometimes if they don't charge the bag, they can't keep it for you. She seems to have been looking out for you??
  14. She was looking out for me to a point, but she passed that point once she started charging me for bags I specifically didn't ask for. I told her to give me a call if she found a black baby cabas. A week later, she called me about how she just got in "a new chanel tote, really sharp, you'd love it! I'll go ahead and charge it on your card and then you can come take a look at it...If you don't like it, you can return it...". I humored her the first few times it happened...I'd come in, and take a look at the bag knowing full well I wouldn't purchase it because it wasn't what I wanted. Then I would remind her that I was looking for the black baby cabas. Two weeks later it would happen again, and it would continue on this cycle...and I would never get any news about the Cabas because it was so "impossible to get".

    I got tired of it and told her to stop charging my card without my permission. She stopped calling me after that!
  15. In your situation, I don't blame you. I do think you need to find a new SA.