*Leaving on a jet plane!!!*

  1. tomorrow we leave for a week in the Bahamas!!!:yahoo:
    Of course I'd be dragging along DH's laptop so I can check in and so I can do something quiet while my little girl is sleeping!
    I'm SO excited!!! :choochoo:

    Ok, weird though . . .
    at Wal-Mart a few days ago I bump into my OB/Gyn. We're kind of buddies I guess. We both have twins and lived across the street from each other before we both eventually moved. She and her DH moved into an unbelievable neighborhood and my DH has been campaigning HARD to try and get me to build a home in that neighborhood too. So we obviously have a little in common. . .
    I see her and we both start chatting like crazy and she says

    "I'm stocking up because we're going to the Bahamas this weekend"
    I said "Shut up!!! We are too!"

    We're leaving tomorrow, she's going this Sat and we both come home next week on the same day and we're both staying at Atlantis!:lol:

    Weird huh!? I guess we have a little more in common than we thought!

    OT - she was carrying a swanky LV backpack at Wal-Mart - still more in common!:upsidedown:
  2. LOVE!! the Atlantis!!! Have fun!
  3. OMG Amanda! LOL Enough homes!!!!
  4. omg! the Bahamas! Have fun Swanky Mama!
  5. Have a great time, Swank-a-delic! :heart:
  6. How fun!!!! Have a fabulous time!!!!

  7. That's a funny story!! Well I hope you (both) have fun, enjoy the beaches!
  8. :yes: that's what I keep telling him!:lol:
  9. Thats funny! Have fun hanging out with your gyno in the Bahamas :P
    Atlantis is great - you'll love it! Hope the weather is nice for you!
  10. Have agreat time Swankster!
  11. Swanky have fun! Soak up some sun for me. Or if you protest the sun, at least sit out there with some spf for me.
  12. Have funnn!!

    Be sure to tell us all about it when you come back :biggrin:
  13. :yahoo: Have fun!!! enjoy the sun!!!:yahoo:
  14. Have a great time...tell us all the fun things you did when you check in or get home! Never been but would love to go some day.
  15. I hope you have a wonderful trip and a great time!