Leaving my doggy behind...

  1. It makes me feel sad...

    I'm leaving in a few hours for my vacation, and I 'm sending my doggy to a kennel. It's his 3rd time and he absolutely loves it. He even loves the crate, the guy who picks him up, everything...

    Sometimes I wish he did a little drama, like bark a little, and show he feels the same. But he is always happy to go on his little vacation. I'm jealous, and feel betrayed...

    I love him so much and I'm glad he is so easy going but it's frustrating to feel this way happy and sad at the same time. I miss him already.

    here is a pic of my love:

  2. He's beautiful!
  3. Have fun on your trip!
  4. Thank you, I'm sure I'll have fun...
  5. He's beautiful! I used to have a gorgeous yellow llab like that, they are great dogs.
  6. Be happy he's comfortable in the kennel and not one of the dogs that refuses to eat or mourns because he doesn't understand that you are coming back for him.

    Have fun on your trip!
  7. Be grateful! My poor Gracie was a rescue and every time I leave her at the vet's for a bath, she jumps up on me with this pitiful "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME, MOMMY!!!" look on her face. It's heart breaking. :cry:
  8. Lol he's adorable, and I'm with Prada Psycho, be happy he's as content as he is! :smile: I left my rescue Chi Eclair with my parents for the first time for one night the other day and she had a massive meltdown and kept my Dad up all night as she cried at the end of his bed and barely ate. We picked her up the next day and she cried the whole way home just staring at me like Mommy why did you do that to me??? :sad:
  9. OMG I know how you feel. I have a Chi and while I have never put her in a kennel, sometimes my mom babysits overnight or just for the day and when I come home, she is excited to see me, but then s its on my moms lap. It makes me feel sad but at the same time it is so comforting to know that she was with someone that took excellent care of her and who she is happy and safe with.

    Good luck and ENJOY your vaca!!
  10. Be thankful he doesn't get all dramatic! that would make you feel WORSE; the guilt would be too much. I had a dog like that once. My dog is happy to see me go and happy to see me come back. I love it that way! Your boy is beautiful. enjoy your trip knowing he's in good hands and having a great time! It beats worrying about him!
  11. what a cutie. do you ever take your dog along? I am going to palm springs next week and taking both my chi's along.
  12. Thanks for the replies! I got back last night and now I'm waiting for my doggie to return from the kennel, they will drive him over!

    I went for vac in Japan... Can't imagine it would be easy for a big dog to travel for more than 12 hours in a plane , go through animal carantine, and use the Japan railways everyday lol!

    I did some shopping for my boy, man these Japanese take their pets seriously! The best pet shops I've seen!
    I got him healthy snacks, poopy pickers, scented dog soaps, and this lovely rain coat!
    In large size of course...
  13. your dog looks kind of like mine..... beautiful.....
    and the little rain coat is so cute.... i want one too.... altho my pup usually complains if i put outfit on her.
  14. aw he's so cute!
  15. I wish my puppy would walk off all happy to stay at a kennel! I leave her with a friend of mine that has two other dogs so she can play. But I get the "mommy don't leave me" face. Then during my entire vacation I am wondering if she's sad I left her there! Luckily my friend's place is always bustling w/ people and the two dogs so I hope she's not too lonely when I do that.

    I'm sure your doggy will be just fine! She maybe happy to go play at the kennel but I bet she's just as excited when you pick him/her up!