Leaving Las Vegas...need suggestions

  1. I'm packing up my house to leave Las Vegas and I need help. I keep all my purses (LV, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade...) in the dust cover and stuffed to keep the shape. I bought big tubes but since I have so many bags I will need 4 or 5 30 gallon tubs to make sure none get bent. I need help because I have no other ideas on how to pack these purses and get them all in my car or my husbands. Not to mention now he will know just how many purses I have. I plan to sell some but for right now I just need ideas. I don't want anything to happen to my purses and I can not send them off in a moving van. Please any idea is welcome. thanks
  2. The one store that impresses me each time with packing bags is Saks. They always arrive in great condition and are packed with care. They usually stuff the bag, put it in it's dustbag, put it in a small box, and then pack it in the shipping box. Everything has always arrived perfectly.

    If you don't want to put them in the moving van, could you ship a couple to your new address or a frend/relative? Then you wouldn't have to pack as many. I understand if you don't want to do this for all your bags but for less expensive or throw around bags it would help reduce the amount of bags in your car.
  3. Since they will just be traveling a day or so, can you just take the stuffing out of them so you can pack them more tightly together. That way, you would have more room. I'm also moving in two weeks and I'm putting all mine in a huge suitcase. Hope this helps.
  4. And it would look like you had less handbags, so your husband need never know the true amount!
  5. Good ideas...I don't mind with some of them but my really treasured purses I don't want to unstuff or have anyone touch them. I don't have any family or friends where I'm moving too. I'm on a new adventure. I can't wait to get out of Vegas and on to something else. My job will move me but I don't want my expensive purses lying about. I know if anyone understand this you all do. I thing maybe I could flatten some of them. thanks
  6. I moved from NY to Vegas last year and I packed all of mine in the gift boxes you get from the coach store. Each bag was stuffed and in its dustbag and in a box. Each the boxes were than in a Uhaul large box. I put mine on the moving truck and it was fine. If you don't want to do that I would suggest sending them Fedex ground. Its cheep and it will only take 5 days for them to get cross country. you get a tracking number if there are problems and can insure them for extra.
    Fedex will pick up or you can drop off.
  7. We find ourselves in a similar situation. I'm moving from Miami,FL to Houston,TX in three weeks or so. I have a ton of purses too. But what I might do is pack them tight in a suitcase and you'll be all set. Trust me. I've moved before.:biggrin: Although all the purses may take up too many suitcases. Another idea might be to fit your purses in a "Space Bag." And fit the space bag in a suitcase. A "Space Bag" is a vinyl bag that's waterproof and it uses a vacum that compresses the purses so you can fit more purses than in a suitcase alone. This might soung like a bad idea, but trust me. They will not end up wrinkled or damaged. Once the space bag is opened, the purses will go back to their original state.