Leaving for the outlet!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Laying in bed last night sad because everyone was getting such good deals on these legacy bags, i said to my Fiance "I wish we had an oulet closer, because all of the beautiful leather bags are almost 60% off" And he told me, well it's only 45 mins away and for that good of a deal, we'll go tomorrow!!!

    So today rolled around, and of course he doesn't want to go with me, but oh well!!! I called the outlet and they're holding a couple bags for me!!!

    ANDDDD I get to use the credit from my repair!!! YAYYYYY :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Be back with pics later!!!
  2. YAY!!! I did the same and they are holding a whiskey ali for me at my second closest outlet. Which outlet are you going to?
  3. Happy Hunting! Show us haul when you get back...
  4. YAY, Candace!!!!!!! Cant wait to see pics when you get back!!!!!!
  5. sweet! wish we had an outlet here, but i need my passport and a fvie hr drive each way.
  6. Can't wait to see what you come home with!
  7. are you home yet??
  8. Good for you. cant wait to see what you got. I might go too.
  9. woo hoo! Can't wait to see the pictures of what you came back with! Way to go, girl!
  10. what did you get?!? what did you get?!?!?!?!

    PICTURES!!!!!! :woohoo: :graucho::yes: