Leaving for the outlet in 1 hour! :)

  1. And I can't wait! Unless there is an amazing find, I'll probably just come back with accessories, but never say never (especially to a Coach purse!). Pictures to follow!
  2. i went to the outlet near me and the SA told me theyd be getting a shipment in yesterday! so maybe yours got one too. good luck!
  3. have fun, can't wait to see what you get! :okay:
  4. good luck!!!
  5. I'm heading out later today too! Can't wait to see what you end up getting :smile:
  6. Have fun, bring home some goods for all of us to drool at! :graucho:
  7. Have fun. I wanted to go down to Carlsbad but I don't want to drive that far, it is too late. Maybe next weekend.
  8. Have fun!!!! Can't wait to see what you find!!!! Post lots of pics!!!!!:nuts:
  9. Wonder if you got anything???? Hurry back!
  10. I can't wait to see what you find. My closest outlet is an hour and a half away, so I live vicariously through my TPF friends.
  11. The outlet was a HUGE BUST for me today!

    They only had a couple of Ergo and Bleecker items. The Ergo was limited to the camel color and all of the bags were very scratched up. The only two Bleecker bags they had were an ink blue large flap and a british tan duffle. Problem was, I wanted the large flap in british tan b/c I already have an ink blue duffle. They did have some of the smaller Bleecker items, but those are too small for me. The lines were crazy and the keyfobs were a little pricey at $24 each, so I passed.

    The one major find (by another customer :push: ) was a camel leather Leigh. The woman was debating on it b/c it had a few scatches and I was "conveniently" staying near her in case she passed. No such luck. She bought the Leigh and it was the only one in the store. I have no idea how much it was but have decided that I really need to get a Leigh! It was beautiful! Raisin and chocolate sig are still my favorites though.

    I was looking for some of the raspberry lurex items but didn't see any. The SA explained that they were expecting a new shipment of items including some Ergo (would love a chocolate sig hobo!) so I may check back in a few weeks.

    It definitely seemed like a TON of the stock was specifically made for the outlet. Still nice bags, but I love the Ergo, Legacy and Bleecker lines. I was actually carrying my whiskey Ali and a woman stopped in front of me with an SA and said, "That's the kind of bag I want!" The SA explained that the Ali's sold out right away last month (good thing I purchased 2).

    Luckily, I did have some luck at the Banana Republic outlet, so it was still a worthwhile trip. Plus, one of the Ali's I previously purchased came without a dust bag and they SA gave me one of the newer dust bags as a replacement. :tup:

    Sorry this was so long!!!
  12. I called my neareast outlet this AM and was asking for a few things and they told me they were doing transfers as we spoke.
    Maybe by tomorrow they'll have it all out but we are supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow!
  13. cc1013~ Were you at PLEASANT PRAIRE? I saw the LEIGH yesterday!!!

    I was at Pleasant Praire yesterday (Saturday)...I saw all the same as you. I have been stalking the place lately looking for certain items, and I have had absolutely no LUCK! The keep claiming they are going to be getting new stuff, but I have yet to really see anything good. A lot of "specifically" outlet items as you stated.

    I did see the LEIGH there yesterday. I checked it out, I was not impressed by it. I did not like the CAMEL color. The price was VERY high on it too (IMO), if I remember correctly it was $598.00- 20%.
  14. cc1013~
    P.S. The british tan duffle was mine...I returned it yesterday due to buying it at the boutique with PCE and then finding it in AURORA for $191.00 and I also returned the WINE large Bleecker Flap...same deal...found it at AURORA for like $338 (?)...
  15. Awww thats a bummer that there wasn't anything at your outlet. At least you got some things at banana republic.