Leaving For Germany Tomorrow! What To Expect?

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  1. For spring break, I'm going on a trip with my family to Germany. We leave tomorrow, and I have no idea what to expect! Someone fill me in, and I'll fill you in on how the trip went. :tup:

    I got an email from a family friend who's already there and they warned us that right now its 4 degrees F and SNOWING! I was halfway excited, because I live in the south and NEVER see snow, but also halfway bummed because I'd like to spend my Spring Break somewhere warm, not frigid! I don't wanna come back pale. :nogood: haha I was told that the weather was similar to Northeastern weather here in the US. This scared me a bit because I'm a southern girl and have never lived up north, so I dunno how accustomed to it I'll be.

    Is the food decent? I remember when I went to Paris a couple years ago, food costed TWICE over there for HALF the portions I swear... you'd go into a restaurant hungry and leave still hungry. I'm HOPING that Germany won't be like that too.

    I also heard, the plugs there are 220 instead of 110 like here in the states. I was told by someone "There is a good possibility that you will not be able to use your hair dryer and such unless you have an appropriate convertor." IS THIS TRUE? God forbid if I can't blowdry and straighten my hair!! :hysteric:

    Anything else I missed? We'll be gone 6 days... how many pairs of clothes should I pack?
  2. Bumping nervously/anxiously. :shame:
  3. I got back from Switzerland a few days ago & it was cold there too. And snowy. I remember hearing Germany was getting hit with some cold weather.
    Yes, they have 220 instead of 110. Some hotels might have a convertor you can use. Otherwise you'll be drip drying your hair.
    In most if not all of Europe, waiting on tables is a career, not like here. So the VAT taxes & tip are already in the price of food. Germans eat alot of meat & starchy stuff so it'll fill you up.
    Take clothing for cold weather & layer. Germany is kind of like spring break. You won't be getting tan but you can drink beer all day & no one cares. Have a great time!
  4. i lived in germany for 2 and a half years... i remember eating a lot of french fries haha I dont like shnitzel or anything :shame: dont forget to try spaghetti eis, its delicious! I remember it was hard trying to find someone who spoke english at times.... I did like going to their markets for fresh fruit and floweers :love: I dont know how it is using euros, i was there when they still had marks! the converter is true! i would buy some if you can find them here before you leave. I got a curling iron and hairdryer by braun and then when i came back to the states i had to dig through a box for my converter :P I loved my braun curling iron :love: I agree to bring some clothing for colder weather! i remember during soccer practice once during this time it snowed,rained,hailed, and was also sunny, the most bizarre weather ever! Also riding the train to different places was fun! They do eat a lot of meat, starchy foods(potatoes), and pastries. haha i also like their haribo gummies, the pacifier ones were my favorite :lol: too bad i ciouldnt understand what they were called.
  5. I love Germany! Where are you going abouts? Berlin is definatley one of my top fave cities in the world.
  6. HaHa Funny you say that Louis Loves Fendi 818... Cause Berlin is where I happen to be going.
  7. Right off the bat, does anyone recall if German has any chain restaurants that we have here in the US too? Such as Subway [hah fat chance], and the like? I do NOT like McDonalds, especially after I heard about how poor the quality of the meat really is... But you get the idea. So would there be any franchises in terms of food that I'd be familiar with?
  8. Eat Wienerschnitzel and Spatzle! Their German Austrian specialties and so is Apfel Studel (apple strudel)

    this stuff is awesome if you can find it!
  9. Myluckycharm Berlin is a big city, don't worry, they have a lot of fastfood chains, :yes: you will find Subway and Burger King, Mc Donalds and of course Vapiano. (www.vapianointernational.com)
  10. I've been to Munich, I don't recall if they have McDonalds (I would assume so, I went to one in Switzerland), but they did have a Planet Hollywood in Munich...

    Also, this won't really apply to you if your'e leaving tomorrow, but when I was in Germany it was May, and I remember my friends and I had shorts on and everyone kept staring at us. It really wasn't cold out, but I guess they don't wear shorts much in Germany? Either that or they thought we were crazy for wearing shorts in May...
  11. OMG! ELLA! I'm in Germany right now typing from the hotel computer, and I have to agree with what you said- I noticed that too today! It was fairly warm out and I was dying to change into something cooler... but EVERYONE around me was wearing heavy duty coats and warm pants! Are they nuts? lol It's funny you mention that, though, because I was just thinking the same thing earlier today.

    Having a great time in Germany. I spent one day in Hamburg and am in Berlin right now. The country is beautiful and the people that I have encountered so far were all very nice. They were a bit more reserved than us Americans but they were friendly when you approached them, and helpful too. :tup:

    I'll keep everyone posted. :yes:
  12. Good you having a good time, I like travelling to Germany, been to Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Nurnberg, and Berlin was my favorite, especially Mitte area.
    Foodwise you should try out different local things !
  13. That's too funny!! Glad to hear your having a good time. Germany is beautiful and the people there are really nice!
  14. ooh so the weather is good now then! that's exciting, i leave for germany in around 6 hours! going to be spending a semester in dortmund and i wasn't impressed when i heard about the bad weather.
  15. Ive been to Munich and loved it soo much better than Berlin...